No excuses for skipping prayers!

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

I decided to compile top 5 excuses by those who find praying difficult along with possible solutions insha Allah.  I find it especially unnerving that our youths are taking the salaah for granted when it is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alahyi’ salaam said that the one who misses his prayers without any valid reason amounts to kufr. Why is it then taken lightly when leaving this obligation? Are we not proud to be Muslims; to be given the guidance and have eemaan in our hearts- and yet we ignore His commandments?

1. “I do not wear hijaab

If you have not embraced hijaab yet, then there are other alternatives that non-hijaabi sisters I know would do. One of which is always bringing the prayer garment in their bags. Otherwise, bring along a long shawl and dress modestly (i.e. skirts) when out.

2. “My clothes are not suitable for Salaah

The clothes worn during prayer should be how we should dress when out. It should meet the requirements of hijaab. Obviously, if we are dressed in tight, revealing clothes, we would be required to carry along prayer kit which some of us find it a hassle subhan Allah.

3) “No place to pray”

Our prayers are not restricted to just the masjid or musollah but in fact, we can pray anywhere as long as it is clean. I’ve heard and seen people praying at parking lots, beaches, changing rooms… the list is endless!

4) “No time to pray”

Heard this excuse often enough? I think it’s absurd that we spend hours in front of the television, chatting with friends, doing things things that do not benefit both your dunya and akhirah – and yet some complain that there isnt time for salaah!

5) “I will pray when I’m older

We wouldn’t know when the Angel of Death comes knocking on our doors- and we certainly don’t wish for him to come before you can repent to Allaah!

Allahu Mustaan!

Personally, I feel that when it comes to performing our salaah, it all boils down on ourselves. If we really have the intention to do our prayers, insha Allaah He will make it easy for us. I had been in situations whereby I was at ends meet in trying to find a place to pray especially living in highly populated country where it is difficult to find some quiet space. Al-hamdulillah, I feel that it works wonders when you make dua to Allaah for help and with some effort, insha Allaah you’ll find somewhere to pray.

Let’s push away all these inane excuses and start to practise our Deen properly like every Muslim should!


2 thoughts on “No excuses for skipping prayers!

    • Al-hamdulillah, jazakillah khayr for the comment sis 🙂 Still changing the theme and layout but haven’t had time yet 🙂 Keep hearing such excuses, it’s about time we buck up! subhan Allah

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