Dear Sister..

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

Dear Sisters, when you choose to wear your hijaab as a sign of obeying your Lord and not because of your husband or father, when you, full of pride, choose to live this life as a real muslima only then have you delivered the ultimate evidence of the authencity of your imaan (belief).

Dear Sisters, by upholding the Islamic requirements of clothing it is impossible for the other to treat you as a piece of flesh because of this, there remains no other option for someone except to judge you according to your skills, intelligence and qualities and not your outward appearance. You are most honourable, you are like a flower in the desert, a rainbow in the night when you distinguish yourself from the rest by observing the rules of Allaah. I can say on behalf of all the Muslims, that you with your modesty, righteousness and Islamic appearance, are the colour in our dark days. You with your persevarance, strong will and irrefutable belief, have set about the same way as the women of the Prophet peace be upon him and the other believing women of his time. You have loosened and freed yourself form what others think and consider the only thing that is counts with you is the pleasure of your Lord. The only thing you still care about is how does He, the Almighty, considers me? Have I fulfilled His expectations?

You are special in a way you pay attention to Islamic rules ; You have set for yourself one target the highest level that you can find in Paradise and that is al-Firdaus the highest!

Dear Sister, you are like a beaming light in the darkness, a shinning pearl. You are the light that shows the way to others, you always carry with you the good and emit this to others. Dear sisters, the hijaab is not a symbol of oppression as a matter of fact it is a symbol of freedom! And I say it again: ‘of freedom!’. By wearing the hijaab, you choose not to live any more under the conception of the people and propositions that are forced upon us by mortals like you and I. By wearing hijaab, you choose to shape your own life course and to live according to the life prescribed by Allaah. You have chosen to live no longer as a servant to the people but simply to be a servant of Allaah, the Lord of the people. By wearing the hijaab, you choose to be in a continuous state of worship. Every second that a Muslimah pass while wearing a hijaab is one of a worship.

And dear sister, it is Islaam that has admiration and awe for you that expresses itself in a way that it has guarded your dignity and feminity. It is the Islaam that has set itself as a barrier on the way of the one that wants to make a play of you as a product to enrich himself. It is Islaam that has taken you in protection by keeping the doors closed for anyone that just want to use you, only wants to abuse you for his own enjoyment and fun.

Dear Sister, the biggest injustice that is done to you is when the truth is twisted and you are made to think that chastity and piousness are signs of backwardness and oppression while immorality and abject practises and the wickedness are presented as a sign of progressiveness and enlightenment. This is how it goes these days, when a woman is holding on to the Islamic dress code then she is considered as a woman who is foolish and when a woman who uncovers, and walks ‘naked’, this is seen as a sign of emancipation. These things are signs of progressiveness according to them.

And dear sister, if you are hated by the people around you because of your modesty, because of adherence to the rules of Allaah, becauce of wearing your hijaab, then know that the Lord of these people is showering His blessings upon you. And also know that the irritations and hate that these people feel in their hearts because of the fact that you are well-behaved, reason is for you to rise in a higher rank in Paradise. So when they feel hate towards you because you stick by the Islamic clothing code that is a reason for you to rise a little higher in rank with Allaah, the Sacred, the AlMighty.

You are the hope that the ummah holds upon.

You are the flame that can let our hearts burn.

You are the light that can expel the darkness.

You are the rain that can break the drought.

You are the daughter of Khadijah, ‘Aaishah, Hafsah and Khawlah, may Allaah be pleased with them that have left marks in the history.

So dear sisters, do not let them drive you mad. Allah subhanAllah ta’alah has honoured you. Allah subhanAllah ta’alah has given you a high status and is guarding your chastity and that is why He has prescribed those rules, that is why He has prescribed hijaab for you. And if you maintain that, then know that you will get with that the Pleasure of Allaah the Sacred the Exalted that you will be considered for Paradise.

Dear sisters, you are very dear and valuable to Allah and us. If Prophet, peace be upon him, were to see you, wouldn’t love to make him smile by preserving the Islamic clothing showing that even 1430 years later we are still strangers?

*Taken from a lecture by Abou Ismail; I apologize for the sentence structure since it is translated from Deutch to English.



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    • Sisssss! So sorry for the late reply 😦 I was out of the country for almost 2 weeks 🙂 Wa iyyaki, glad you benefitted from it! What’s your name on sisterswhoblog.ning? Link me up! 😀

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