Travelogue: Middle East (Part 2)

Assalam Alaykoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

As promised, Part 2 of Travelogue: Palestine. We spent almost a week al-hamdulillah and travelled to various parts to Palestine.

We arrived in Jericho for dinner. I was one of the three to be detained at the Israeli customs for an hour. We were lucky to be detained for just an hour as there were others who had been detained for 6 hours! Our tour guide told us that it is their way of ‘mentally torturing’ us so that we would think twice before visiting Palestine again. They took our passports away and took us aside for some silly questioning.

Our dinner in Jericho.. very generous servings of chicken, rice, bread, salad!

The Imaam of Masjidil Aqsa after Fajr prayers

Masjidil Aqsa in the morning before sunrise

Later in the afternoon

The remnants of the grenades used by Ariel Sharon’s army to bomb Masjid Umar in Aqsa

Prophet’s Zakaria A.S.’s mehrab

Wailing Wall

At Christian Quarter

Christians believe that Jesus A.S’s body was washed on this rock. The ladies in the picture took out their shawls, jackets and scarfs and use it to wipe on the rock

Sayidina Umar Ibn Khattab was invited to the church and when it was time to pray, he did not want to pray inside where he would be facing the cross. What he did was that he took a stone, threw it out of the window and built a masjid at the spot the stone was.

Everywhere we went, there were checkp0ints, high walls and fences which are used to restrict the movement of Arabs.

At Tel Aviv. Jaffa is on the right. One of the hotels was built on Muslim cemetery. The cemetery was exhumed and the remains were thrown in the ocean.

At Sea of Galillee or Lake Tiberias. We were at the border of Lebanon and overlooking Jordan. Jesus A.S was believed to have walked on the water and fished for the poor village. He caught two fishes and it was enough to feed everyone!

Beside the Basilica of Annunciation where Christians believe that Angel Jibreel came to inform Mary that she was expecting.

Part 3 of Travelogue: Jordan

4 thoughts on “Travelogue: Middle East (Part 2)

  1. sister may I ask. Forgive me if my question seems offend you. Is the al-aqsa mosque in the photo, the real one? I have once heard about that mosque is not the real Al-Aqsa mosque, it is As-Sakhrah mosque. I’m not sure whether it is true or not. Again, forgive me.

    • No sis, you won’t offend me 🙂 Don’t worry insha Allah 🙂 I’ve heard a lot of different views sis – some have said that Al-Aqsa is only the Dome of Rock which you see in the picture (and it’s from my own camera hehe). The Palestinians I know have said that the whole land that encompass all the masjids (there are many masjids within the Al-Aqsa walls) inside is considered Al-Aqsa. The third opinion is that Al-Aqsa is not the Dome of Rock but instead it is the Masjid Ibrahim (I can’t remember the exact name) in the picture… so my answer to your question is: Allahu Alam.. I really don’t know hehe..

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