He replaced them with better friends for me :)

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

In one of the lectures I heard awhile ago, the speaker mentioned something along this line which is pertinent to what I’m facing : When you make Hijrah towards being closer to Him, some friends will start to make hijrah away from you.

When I was walking back home yesterday, I saw this girl heading my direction with her friend. She must have seen me, I’m quite certain of that, but she turned her face away. I was after all only one in her path that time of the day, so how could she have not seen me? I would be lying if I said I wasn’t annoyed.

We were not close but before, we used to hold long conversations when we do meet or would at least wave or smile when we bump into each other in school.

In recent years however, when I changed, things changed as well. I could be walking right in front of her but she would not even acknowledge my presence. She could be talking to my friend who was standing BESIDE ME but ignore me completely. Anyway, some of my sisters would tell me to husnul zon since she is after all our sister in Islam but after being shunned many times, I get the message!

Yes I get it!!! I’m different now.. Maybe you find me an extremist too but heck do I care? Nope! I’ll dress to please HIM ONLY even if that means I’ll look ridiculous in your eyes. I’ll speak about HIM fondly and if that makes you cringe, then sorry I couldn’t care less. I’ll practise my Deen as legislated by Allah swt and His messenger not according to my desires so if that is difficult for you to accept, then unfortunately I’ll not change for you. It’s really getting on my nerves that such people do exist..

It is most unfortunate though that I’m getting shunned by my own Muslims.  I remember that before, I would avoid wearing abaya to this lecture where there were many Muslims because I’ve been given the dirty look. However, it’s surprising because non-Muslims would readily befriend me in that lecture despite the abaya. A close friend who is a non-Muslim applauded my change and even complimented on my dressing. She is not embarrased to be seen on campus with me and in fact, would gladly introduce her friends to me.  See the contrast? Subhan Allah!

As much I complain about such ‘friends’ (note that she’s not the only one who’s been shunning me!),  Allah swt has in fact blessed me with many wonderful sisters upon the Deen. They choose to abandon me but Allah has replaced them with better friends al-hamdulillah! Three years ago, when I was making the transition,  one of the duas I made was that I wanted friends upon the Deen. I needed someone to remind me of Him constantly as I was weak on my own. Al-hamdulillah, today I have more sisters than what I asked for initially and they keep coming into my life 🙂

So yes, I lose one today but Allah will bless me with someone better to replace them tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “He replaced them with better friends for me :)

  1. awwww, I loved how you said this: “I’ll dress to please HIM ONLY even if that means I’ll look ridiculous in your eyes. I’ll speak about HIM fondly and if that makes you cringe, then sorry I couldn’t care less”

    It’s so true though how you lose many ‘friends’, but alhamdillah, at the same time, gain new ones…

    Sad that the non-Muslims accept you in abaya and some Muslims seem embarrassed about it.

    • Al-hamdulillah ala kulli hal sis! I’ve decided not to care about such people anymore.. I’ll just pray that He guides her one day Ameen 🙂 I think they find me abit ‘extreme’ to be dressed in abaya in a Western society -.- Allahu Mustaan..

  2. Masha’Allah sister! I would love for you to be my friend! And insha’Allah Allah can one day guide that girl to see the beauty that you see!

    Much love,
    your sister in Islam!

    • Awww sis, you’re so sweeeet! Would love to be your friend toooo ❤ :)))) And ameen to the dua!

      p/s/ I've added you on youtube.. do you have a blog? 🙂

      • No I don’t have a blog, haha I wouldn’t be able to find the time to write with school! I’ll accept you on youtube! Are you from the states? I’m in Canada, we would rock our abayas together!

      • Awww 😦 you must be very busy with school! Yeap, I’ve already added you on youtube (I don’t have anything much on my page though :/) No sis, I’m from singapore in Asia but I live in Australia most of my time each year 🙂 Totally sis, we would look awesome with abaya together teeeheee 😀 Wish you’re here though (or I’m there!) ❤

  3. You have a beautiful blog, I wish I could write but your right school keeps me tied up! It’s just after 1 am here but I have a psychology midterm tomorrow so I have to study, study and study some more!

    Insha’Allah we will meet in the real everlasting world to come!

    • Oh dear.. 😦 I bet you’re a straight A’s student so don’t worry! All the best for your paper tomorrow 😀 May Allah make it easy for you sis! Study hard and the rest leave it to Him 😀 p/s/ don’t forget to make lots of dua before your paper!

      Ameeeeen! I bet you’re probably more awesome in person hehe ❤

  4. Ditto for what Little Auntie said about this line “I’ll dress to please HIM ONLY even if that means I’ll look ridiculous in your eyes. I’ll speak about HIM fondly and if that makes you cringe, then sorry I couldn’t care less”

    I can especially relate to the cringing part. It’s very sad isn’t it when our own fellow Muslims look uncomfortable if we bring Allah Subhaanahu wa ta’aala or the Prophet Sallalaahu alayhi wasallam into a conversation?

    Lol, during my first hijab and abaya days, I used to feel so awkward because all of a sudden people thought I was seconds away from running away to join Hamas or Al-Qaeda! *rolls eyes*

    But yeah, people do become distant from you, but at the same time, it’s amazing how Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala compensates for the loss, isn’t it? Same as you, I constantly ask Him to bless me with friends who are upon the Deen and see, He’s led me here to you!! 😀 😀

    I love your blog and insha Allah I hope we can be friends! Looking forward to getting to know you better sis! 😀

    • Masha Allah, guess I’m not alone in facing such trials then 🙂 People’s perception is that you have become ‘extreme’ just because you choose to become a better Muslim. They become uncomfortable by the changes but I reckon it’s because people, especially those close to us, generally have high inertia when it comes to changes so can’t blame them for finding it difficult to adapt to our transitions.. allahu alam 🙂

      Al-hamdulillah, you made hijrah too 😀 I’ve seen people changing and it’s amazing to observe how much they have given up for His sake.. al-hamdulillah!

      Lol sis, I guess my dua keeps getting answered too because I get to meet really lovely sisters like you! When I wrote this post, I wasn’t expecting any reply but al-hamdulillah I receive encouraging comments 🙂 Insha Allah, I hope we can be friends tooo!! 😀 ❤

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