Modesty- a diminishing trait

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

This post was written on FB about a month ago with regards to an article I read in the local papers. In a nutshell, the writer is of the opinion that ‘wearing less clothes would deter terrorists from infiltrating in that area’.

Absurd? I thought so too..


Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

I never fail to enjoy Brother Nouman Ali Khan’s insightful lectures especially on contemporary issues. He has given a relatively similar lecture on modesty before, so some of the things mentioned in the video are quite familiar.

I was reading an article on New Year’s Day that I thought was simply outrageous. The writer was of the opinion that if people dressed with little or less clothing, it would deter terrorist aka ‘religious fundamentalist’ (we don’t need to scratch our heads to figure out who he was referring to!) from residing in the country. This would supposedly be a sore to their eyes as these ‘religious fundamentalists’ are big on dressing modestly. He promoted the idea of nudity being a way of expressing ourselves, a form of freedom that a decade ago, it would have been frowned upon especially in this relatively conservative country. Two main points in one article but the crux of it,to me, is just encouraging indecency.

Of course, I had to laugh at this absurdity. Obviously, he either wrote this article when heavily drunk or just has lack sense of humour. I’m not even going to touch on his terrorist-crap idea because my main concern is modesty. Or rather the lack of it.

Lately, there had been series of articles on underage sex, child pornography found in the possession of two trainee teachers, increasing number of rapes, teenage pregnancy, sex offenders – and still, we dare to ignore the possibility that the rising number of such cases could be the result of having little haya’. We see so much filth on the television and instead of feeling ashamed, we become immune to them. Discussions on sex may it be through music, in magazines, advertisements used to be taboo but we speak of it freely and openly as though we have no moral values.

What I find more upsetting is that even our muslimahs nowadays lack haya’. We mingle freely with non-mahrams, have illicit relationships with them, wear hijaab but with tight and revealing clothings and all these seem to be a norm in our society. Sadly, even some asatizahs are of the opinion that “it is okay to have a boyfriend now as you need to get married anyway right?” or that “what is wrong with free-mixing? We are not backdated, you know..“. Hijaab merely becomes a trend or fashion statement rather than a religious obligation. We dress to satisfy our own desires by combining hijaab and tight clothing and this contradicts the actual objective of even wearing the veil!

Allahu Mustaan!

Sisters, we have our Deen as our guidance yet why do we follow how the kufar lead their lives? We have the Mother of Believers and Sahabiyaat (female companions) as our role models but yet we try to emulate singers and popstars in the way they dress,  behave and the language they use. We have the Qur’an and Sunnah as a our light shinning towards siraatal mustaqeem but some still choose to walk in the darkness. I target the Muslimahs specifically because we are the future mothers and if we don’t practise our Deen properly, imagine how the next generation will turn out to be!

Sisters, let’s not be fooled by words of men who tell us to remove our hijaab and dress indecently. Don’t be fooled by the deceit they propagate that being in the nude is a form of freedom. Our beauty is not judged by how much skin we uncover or how we dress but by our akhlaq. Our self-worth is not calculated by the number of men who approach us for our numbers (or just to ‘chat you up’) but rather by our taqwa and eemaan. You are worth so much more than being ‘a piece of flesh’. Rather, you are like the pearl in the ocean-untouched, uncovered and only those who can afford, will deserve to have you.

Our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alayhis’ salaam) said, “Live in this world as a wayfarer or stranger”. May we be rewarded for striving to live like a ghurabaa in this Dunya.

Please forgive me for being harsh. May Allah forgive me if I have hurt anyone of you.


10 thoughts on “Modesty- a diminishing trait

  1. Beautiful! SubhanAllah I can’t believe what that author wrote…will I actually can since we are living in the days of fitna. May Allah protect us from this. Ameen. I’m taking a course called “Democracy, Extreme Speech and Headscarves” and sometimes the things people say make my blood boil. Less clothes definitely won’t make us look less extreme, it will just lead us to the path of the Kufr. Haya is something I try and work on eveyday, this post is what i needed to hear, not harsh at all!

    May Allah reward you sis!
    Much love!

    • That’s true sis, in times of Fitan, anything is possible. I gave the article to my dad and he threw it aside after reading halfway lol.

      What course are you taking sis? It sounds very interesting indeed! I find it amusing though that even ‘headscarves falls under the same category as ‘extreme speech’ and ‘democracy’.. Subhan Allah I hope your professor isn’t biased towards Muslims (or people who wear headscarves generally). My previous Finance professor was an outright racist and even in lectures when there isn’t any link between Islam and Finance (there is actually but his are just outrageous!), he would raise issues to fault Islam. He really needs to learn something concrete about Islam!

      True @ less clothes wont make us look less extreme.. everyone has different definition of ‘extreme’. To me, those goths with black clothes and metal spikes look ‘extreme’ but I respect that its their choice to look that way.

      Insha Allah we strive together towards maintaining our haya despite constantly being pressured to do others. Al-hamdulillah if this post benefitted you!

      Jazakillah khayr sis for your sharing your thoughts on it.. love your comments 🙂

      your sister in Islam ❤

      • Alhumdulilah my professor is amazing! It’s a seminar course so it’s very small. We all sit around one big table. He is very open minded about Muslim women and their right to wear what they want. Our main discussions are around the Niqab issue in Europe. That’s sad about your professor, did you ever answer back when he said anything? How’s the Muslim community in Australia? Alhumdulilah my university has many Muslims–this week is actually Islamic Awareness week!

        Who are the girls in the photo? I hope to one day wear the niqab inshaAllah!

        Much love!

      • Masha Allaah you’re lucky sis 🙂 I wish non-Muslims are willing to have an open discussion with Muslims about hijaab, niqaab etc. That way, we can understand each other better. If only the course you’re taking is offered in my university, I would be willing to participate in it 😀 Does he support the niqaab ban in Europe?
        My professor is the kind who likes to ridicule others so I doubt if I ever try to correct the misconceptions he raised in lectures, he would make me the laughing stock. Maybe I should have tried hmm…

        The Muslim community in Australia is strong al-hamdulillah.. I live in a state where the Muslim community is smaller than those large Muslim communities like Sydney, Melbourne but despite that we are close al-hamdulillah. Every other week, the community organises lectures, gatherings for the youth, games etc. Really love it! How about the Muslim community in Canada? Is it close knitted too?

        Sis, what do you do during Islamic Awareness week? In my Uni, every week a bro/sis will set up a da’wah booth for people to ask questions. The MSA will organise iftar with non-Muslims to give them da’wah.. I don’t get such experience in Sgp… it’s quite different here.

        I have no idea who those girls are hehe.. just randomly took from the internet 🙂 wish the girl in niqaab is me though 😦 insha Allaah we’ll find the courage to wear niqaab one day sis ❤

        fee amanillah ❤ 🙂

  2. My profossor doesn’t seem to support the ban, but our class is discussing why it’s being banned and the background behind it. It’s really interesting! InshaAllah you’ll be finished that course soon so you won’t have that close mined professor.

    I’m not sure about the Muslim community in all of Canada but i live in Toronto, and Alhumdulilah there is a large Muslim community here, plus the city itself is very multicultural. My Uni has booths, lectures and movie screenings for the event, but I haven’t been able to attend the events due to my large pile of homework and its midterm season!

    InshaAllah we will both wear the Niqab for Allah. Off to study and do a lab!

    Much love!

    • Al-hamdulillah sis, I’m glad to learn that there’s another non-Muslim who doesn’t agree to the niqaab ban. There was once a politician suggested that niqaab ban be implemented, approx 10 (or maybe less, allahu alam cant remember) jumped in and said that ‘Australia embraces diversity’ and they reject such laws being introduced there. It’s always heartening to hear of such news 🙂

      Al-hamdulillah as well that our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world are doing their part to spread Islam. Masha Allah! 🙂 Awww sis, study hard and score straight As yea? 😀 I hope it’s not stressing you out..

      Love you feesabilillah sis ❤
      your sis in Islam 😀

  3. Sigh! You guys’s conversation was, how do I say? very inspiring! masha Allah, it’s totally wonderful that you have da’wah get-togethers and a close-knit Muslim community.

    Sometimes I want to move to a western country just for an eeman boost! Because you guys actually work at it, you know? As a community! I would love to attend some such function! 🙂

    Lol, ok, I’m right now living in a non-Muslim country, but I have yet to discover any Muslims upon the manhaj. There’s a large Shiite community in Colombo, but I doubt I could go barge in on any of their gatherings! 😛

    Masha Allah, you’re an awesome writer sis! I loved this post! You took an issue that is so prevalent nowadays and answered it very well. And Nouman Ali Khan lectures are always enlightening to watch 🙂

    He once said that one of the most destructive things to our eeman is the fact that we become desensitized to the haram around us! And that is so true. Where is our hayat? We chase “modernism”. We live in the bubble of western propaganda and fall in the trap of thinking it’s all “normal” when in fact, these things go against our very beliefs!

    I once watched a video about modesty and hijab, where the brother called his niqabi wife his precious pearl! I was moved to tears by how eloquently he portrayed it’s beauty!

    Are you planning to wear the niqab too? That’s wonderful! Insha Allah, I’ll be wearing it soon myself. I’ve given myself six months to prepare. My eeman and for the explosion that’s going to come in my family! Hehehe! Four months left and Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala hasn’t let me stumble yet! 🙂 May He make you strong and fortify your decision too. Both of you. 🙂

    p.s. M4D? If you had a blog, I would totally be over there! 🙂

    • Aww man sis, I wish you’re here to experience all these! Even I am impressed that living in a western country, the Muslims I meet adhere firmly to Qur’an and Sunnah as compared to back home al-hamdulillah! Like for example, when I meet a sister on the streets, most of the time, we would smile at each other and exchange salaams. Also, the brothers from my MSA actually lower their gaze when they interact with the sisters. Once during Ramadhan, a brother knocked on our door to pass food for iftaar and he kept looking at the ceiling whilst asking me a question. lol. I kept looking at the ceiling, wondering whether there’s anything there hehehe…

      Oh sis, you haven’t found anyone on the manhaj yet..? :/ It’s ok, at least you have sisters online.. Have you heard of Paltalk sis? If you have, you can check out the place.. sometimes there are rooms for sisters on the manhaj. I used to be very active there and we would discuss a lot about Islam, sometimes a sister would share an article she read and we would discuss it.

      Anyway, just out of curiousity.. is the Muslim population in Colombo largely Shiite? Are you considered the minority there then? I can imagine if you barge in their gatherings hehe 😛 Actually, I would love to see what their gatherings are like.. curious, really 🙂

      Exactly sis, once we become disaffected by the haraam, then it’s time to check our eemaan! You are right @ everything you said about “modernism”. Must constantly check that we don’t fall into the traps of Shaitan. Be a ghurabaa like how Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said since this world is changing and our practises are seen as ‘backward’.

      Masha Allah sis!!! Have you tried wearing niqaab out or you’ll just do it 4 months later? How do you think your family will react to it? I’m excited for you masha Allah!!!!! Make sure you update us when you start wearing niqaab ok!! My first time wearing niqaab was more than a year ago and been wearing it on-off quite a lot.. thought I would be able to wear it permanently this year but my parents still object to it. So I guess, I’ll wait till I’m married, which will be… Allah knows when. Aameen to your duas sis! :)) May He make it easy for you sis :)) <3<3<3

      p/s/ that's what I told sis M4D too lol. Maybe if we keep pestering her, she might just set up a blog 😛

      • Awwwww! That is so adorable!! I’d love love love to be part of a group that practices true Islam!! Back in Maldives, the revival of the Sunnah is becoming quite strong now masha Allah, but since I’m here, haven’t been able to make contacts yet. But yeah, al-hamdulillahi I have online friends now 🙂

        No, actually in Sri Lanka the Muslim community is largely Sunni, but very few are truly upon the manhaj. I once met a sister at the only authentic Islamic Bookstore in Colombo and I was thrilled, but she practically lives on the opposite side of the country! In my area, the Shiites are quite frequent.

        Lol, when I first moved here, once I went to the mall and while there, noticed a HUGE gathering taking place at the empty lot behind the mall. Men in white thobes and beards were milling around while women in these funny-looking pastel hijabs were setting up tables. I was immediately excited and grabbing my best friends, made a beeline towards them to see what was up!

        Hehehe, I stuck out like a sore thumb in all my black and since my friends didn’t wear hijab at the time, they got stared at even more! I finally noticed we were in the wrong place when they started calling a man “His Holiness” and things! Lol, apparently we had crashed a religious gathering of the Dawoodi Bohra sect dedicated to their spiritual leader. They are a sub group within a sub sect of Shia Islam. First time I actually SAW that Islam was divided. Very weird! :S

        Lol, I’ve tried wearing the niqab outside twice now. But am hiding from my family. They certainly won’t like it. They think that it’s “extreme” and it will place obstacles when finding a job. And that’s true you know? Niqabis are not accepted in the mainstream as hijabis are in my country.

        I’ve also thought I’ll wear it when I get married, but since that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon, I’ve decided not to wait anymore. Hehehe, I’m trusting Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala to make everything work out! 😀

      • It’s ok sis, insha Allah you will someday!! :)) Are there mosques around your area so that perhaps you can join the sisters section and be active? I heard a lot about Maldives from the sister I was telling you about. 99.9% Muslim yea? Haha, I read about the man who left Islam and came back again. Nonetheless, you can’t get 100% Muslim in the country.. I would really love to visit Maldives someday seeing that the country has strong Islamic background. Insha Allah!

        Al-hamdulillah! I think having some friends who are on the manhaj is quite important seeing how there are so many deviances happening even amongst the youth. Just wondering, do you get any clashes between Sunnis and Shiites? I’ve always wondered if large populations of each can live together peacefully but history has proven us otherwise eh :/ I know of some sisters in Sgp became Shia, previously Sunni, due to strong influence from friends I reckon.

        Haha @ your experience! I wish I was there to witness it first hand too lol.. but at least your descriptions gave a mental picture to what happened. Out of curiosity, what did they do at the event? Lol, I actually googled ‘Dahwoodi Bohra’ to check them out! It seems to me that their beliefs partly have strong influences from you think so too? Saw that part of their basic pillars consists of ‘Pantheism’. And yes indeed, strange to have such divisions in Islam. Interesting you noted that they are sub sect of a sub sect lol! For some reason or another, I have a strange fascination with Shiite beliefs.. I disagree with them completely, just that I’m always so curious about things that is intriguing.. meh =X

        How was your experience with wearing niqaab outside sis? 🙂 you know, before I wore it out, I actually started wearing at home first, whilst studying, tried to eat at home with it. People must think I’m mad for doing that!! lol.. Is your family on the manhaj? I guess, that’s our obstacle.. trying to convince our families to let us wear. My family knows about me wanting to wear niqaab, and actually I wore when I was in Makkah and Madina but mom kept saying, “Ustadh never teach us to wear niqaab, why do you want to wear?” hehe, I was thinking, yes but Prophet’s wives and companions wore them.. who has more credibility..

        Insha Allah, one day we can convince them 🙂 I think our families probably find it difficult to accept this change in us.. allahu alam. Have you planned how to do so hehe? Actually, it’s true like you said, to have faith in Him. I read a true story about this sister who started wearing niqaab so she was made to quit the job. At first, she was quite despondent in getting a new job but al-hamdulillah, she was blessed with a better paying job that allows her to wear niqaab and deals with women and children (I think she works at a madrassah). Subhan Allah! I hope I have that same level of faith as both of you sisters subhan Allah! And aameeen! 🙂 I’m sure He has everything planned out for you!! :))

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