Those who desire Paradise

Assalam Alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh ya Muslimeen!

Subhan Allah, this has got to be one of my favourite lectures! Bro Bilal’s deliverance of this lecture was simply amazing. If you have not watched this yet, then perhaps you should insha Allah..

This lecture made me contemplate on myself. All these pious men and women sacrificed their wealth and even lives for Islam but what have I done to deserve Jannah? Have I sacrificed anything in His path? Have I done enough good deeds that will outweigh my sins? Is my ibadaah sufficient? Or is it tainted with riya’ and wrong intentions?

Just one point to bring up..I remember in one lecture that I attended, the Ustazah mentioned about a lady who claimed to be a ‘dweller of Paradise‘ as she had performed Hajj and Umrah several times. May Allah guide her and all of us. My point of bringing this up is that we CAN NEVER be certain whether we are granted Paradise even though we perform many good deeds.  We can only hope for His mercy that we are given a place there. In the lecture, Bro Bilal mentioned a Hadith about a lady who performs many good deeds but is foul to her neighbours thus Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said that ‘she is from the Hellfire‘. This is in comparison with those who may be moderate in their ibadaah but are still granted Jannah. Let’s not be disillusioned by our Ibadaah when it is in fact nothing as compared to even the Salafs!

O Allah! I’m only an insanah dhaifah who constantly commit sins and yet yearns Your Jannah! My deeds will not guarantee me a place but it is by Your mercy that will determine me in Jannah.. Make us amongst those whom You are merciful to despite our weakness and wrongdoings. O Allah, guide us in this Dunya, rectify our affairs and make us firm on this Deen.

4 thoughts on “Those who desire Paradise

  1. Subhan Allah! Just finished watching the video and you’re so right! It was amazing! I was in tears!!

    True believers do SO MUCH to attain the immeasurable reward of Jannah! Every minute of every day they work towards it and their devotion is amazing!

    Watching videos like this always inspires me to do more because my fear increases that I only have two atoms worth of good deeds. And riya is the scariest isn’t it? You have to constantly check yourself to see if it’s creeping up on you!

    Even so, as you said, we can never be sure if what we’re doing is enough, because it all depends on our Rabb’s Mercy!

    May Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala make us among the Muttaqûn and grant us Al-Firdaus!!

    • Al-hamdulillah you watched it 😀 His lecture was indeed very moving.. I think at some point during the lecture even Bro Bilal’s voice was slightly shaky.. You should check out his other vid tittled ‘Ahmad the Repenter’.. another fantastic lecture by him too..

      Agree with everything you said sis.. Jannah doesn’t come easily and just like this Dunya, we are constantly working towards our goals, amassing wealth, gaining status …but we take for granted when it comes to Hereafter, the final abode.

      Insha Allah I’ll post up more videos and we’ll remind each other of striving on His path, ok? 🙂

      By time, Indeed Mankind is in loss, except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience‘ (Suraah Al-Asr)

      Ameen to your duas sis!

  2. Assalamu ‘alaykum sister,

    Ameen ya Rabbi’l ‘Alameen!

    I definitely agree, this lecture is amazing mashaAllah. You should listen to his ‘Ahmed: the Repenter’, it will bring tears to your eyes, subhanAllah. May Allah SWT have mercy on the whole Ummah and grant us all Jannat al-Firdaws. Ameeen.

    • Wa alaik salam wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuh sis Seeker 🙂

      Masha Allah yes! I was about to post up that video in the next entry hehe .. guess you beat me to it. That lecture, just like this one, was really inspiring and moving like you said.. 🙂 Ameen to all your duas sis! May we be amongst those who constantly repent to Him each time we sin (instead of brushing it aside!) 🙂

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