Repentance.. have we truly turned to Him?

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh ya Muslimeen!

This lecture by Bro Bilal Assad will move you to tears subhan Allah.. He related this true story which he heard from a shaykh about a man named Ahmed who was from Riyadh and lived in our time.. I was initially expecting a story taken from the Salafs so this astonishing recount of Ahmad came as a complete surprise for me.

Just thought I share with everyone.. I’ve come across brothers and sisters who are back on His path after they have strayed for years. A sister whom I have come to dearly love, narrated her life story to me that she was different in the sense that before Islam (albeit being born a Muslim), her life was filled with all kinds of sins. Alcohol, pubs, clubs …etc. When He gave her the guidance, she did a 180 degrees change to her life. If you see her now, you wouldn’t believe she had a dark past.

The same goes for another brother who was in the similar situation as this sister. The MSA practically saw him throughout his transitions. From the bad boy that he was, he changed so drastically that people found it difficult to recognise him. A sister told me that once, he went for lectures with just his kain pelikat (or sarong worn by Malay men usually for prayers. It’s a common sight especially for Jumaah prayers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia) and kufi. Some days, you will find him in thobe. He couldn’t recite the Qur’an but since he was keen to learn, brothers taught him from the very basics. I wouldn’t be surprised if he can recite fluently with tarteel now.

Subhan Allah! When I was on the phone with mom today, she told me about how a family friend’s daughter had a drastic change too when she came back from Umrah recently.. Allah is indeed guiding His slaves back to their fitrah.

(I can’t help but add a bit more although it is slightly irrelevant to the video)

I’ve always disliked how we are quick to judge brothers and sisters who may not be on the Deen yet. Yes, they have not yet embraced Islam fully but to ridicule and deride them or worse, to say that they have ‘booked a place in hell’ is never acceptable! I’ve always believed that if Allah willed that they be guided, these brothers and sisters might just be much better Muslims than we are. So who are we to judge really..? Are we certain that Jannah is guaranteed for us and that Hellfire would not touch us for even a day?

I take this from my own experience – not that I’m better than anyone. in fact, very far from that – but before Islam, I’ve been looked down upon like I had no worth. When He brought me to the Deen, I wish, oh how I wish those people had actually tried to encourage me to learn the Deen the very least instead of judging me. Al-hamdulillah, the sisters here in Australia were constantly bringing me to lectures and halaqah sessions despite me trying my best to run away from them lol!

Ok, I wrote too much 😛 I hope everyone enjoys this lecture and insha Allah we can learn something from it. For me, I’ve always thought I’m striving really hard to stay on His path but this video actually proves otherwise.. my deeds are minimal, my efforts are miniscule.. my ibadaah..? Let’s not even go there :/ Allahu Mustaan


4 thoughts on “Repentance.. have we truly turned to Him?

  1. Ma’shaAllah, this is a wonderful post! I’m not sure if I heard that lecture or not (it sounds familiar) but I really liked this post. Jazakillah koli khair.

  2. Finally!! Finally!! I’ve been trying to watch this video for days! I had some kind of flash crash in my browser and had trouble watching videos. A crisis it was! 😛

    Subhan Allah, I’m officially a fan of Bilal Assad lectures! I love the way he delivers, with passion and frequent Quranic verses and masha Allah, his recitation is beautiful!

    I don’t even know what to say about Ahmed the Repenter!! Imagine that kind of regret! Do we even have an ounce of that? A regret and fear that no amount of time can dull? Subhan Allah! I doubt most of us stay in that constant state of fear regarding our sins. It usually fades with time until something or other brings it back to focus for us!

    And yes, I agree with what you said sis. I’ve always thought that just because Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala guided me, that does not mean that I’m better than anyone. Because how do I know? The girl who doesn’t wear hijab, nor pray could have done something else that makes her worth more infront of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala then me! And how do I know He wouldn’t choose to guide her ten, twenty years later?

    It was something I learned from this TV program. During Ramadan, in my country they always show short films based on the prophets lives. And in the one about Musa (AS), the wife of the Pharaoh once said that regarding her handmaiden. That though she is a disbeliever, how do we know what she is infront of Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala?

    I don’t know how accurate those films are, but that particular scene was something that stuck to me since childhood 🙂

    Anyways, jazakiallah khair for uploading this video! I loved it and your post too! 🙂

    • Masha Allah sis, I always love reading your comments! You would always have something beneficial to share with everyone, Al-hamdulillah!

      I’m glad Bro Bilal Assad doesn’t have such a thick accent though like Sheikh Feiz! Like you, he is officially one of my favourites too 🙂 You should check out for more of his lectures insha Allah!

      Agree with everything you said! A large majority of us live each day committing all kinds of sins but are not even close to being regretful of them. Some of us maybe repent at the end of each day but most of us I guess, just close an eye on it. Allahu Mustaan.. This lecture is a reminder that we shouldn’t take our sins lightly even if those are small sins.

      And yes sis, we wouldn’t know if one day Allah swt guides those who were previously not on His path and their repentance would grant them a place in Jannah. Subhan Allah.. and how about us? 😦 Sis, this is just like the hadith about the Israeli Prostitute who gave a thirsty dog some water and as a result of this good deed, she was granted Paradise.. We will never know that Allah might be pleased with His servants who were previously sinners and elevate their status in Hereafter!

      Jazakillah khayr for sharing your views sis! ❤ Really appreciate your input al-hamdulillah!

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