Updates on Japan & my experience being afflicted with calamity.

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

Updates on Japan:

“There is a 70 per cent possibility that an aftershock with a magnitude of seven or more will occur” within the next three days, Takashi Yokota, director of earthquake prediction and information at the Japan Meteorological Agency, said.

“The possibility is 50 per cent” during the three days from March 16, he added, pointing out that strong aftershocks have continued since Friday’s quake and tsunami.

A magnitude-7 quake is capable of destroying buildings and triggering tsunamis

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La Hawla wala quwata illah billah! Not only are they facing the possibility of a second earthquake and tsunami but their nuclear reactor had leaked causing high level of radiation in Fukushima.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan :,(

In my last post, I mentioned that calamity can strike when we least anticipate – but how many of us are confident they are ready to face death? Neither of us would, I reckon.

Almost a year ago, the city which I live in was hit with torrential hailstorm which may not be of the same magnitude as the one in Japan but suffice to say, it was enough to damage properties and injure people. It happened on a bright sunny day in Summer when the weather drastically changed late in the afternoon. Ominous black clouds started forming and suddenly, hail stones as large as golf balls came crashing down.

After the hailstorm at my backyard. The ice was that thick subhan Allah!

The hail stones sounded as though someone was spraying bullets with a machine gun. I clearly remember how I got excited at first and opened the window but when large ice started to tear through the net, I had to close immediately. All lines of communication and electricity were cut at that point. I couldn’t contact anyone and worse of all, I was all alone in the darkness. As silly this will sound now but at one point, I wondered to myself if the roof should fall on me or something worse were to happen, maybe flood – can anyone find me in the debris? Will that be the last of me? Allahu Mustaan…

In fact, I was supposed to still be in school which ended at that same time the hailstorm started. Oddly enough, I have never skipped that particular tutorial but that day, I just felt like heading home instead. Subhan Allah.. Allah protected me from harm!

Ice as large as golf balls!

The hailstorm lasted for approximately two hours before it ceased. For just that two hours, it had cost more than $100 million worth of damages in my area and neighboring suburbs. Other suburbs were out of electricity for two days. One of my school libraries were submerged in the mudslide. Cars and houses were badly damaged. Till today, you can still find some cars with large dents from the ice. Try throwing a large ice towards metal and see if you can actually make a dent on it! Imagine how much strength you have to exert! Subhan Allah!

More ice..


After the hailstorm..

I would say that the hailstorm was relatively minor as compared to the disaster in Japan. No lives were lost, maybe a couple of injuries and damages but we had our lives back within a week or two. Everyone went back to their daily routine as per normal.

A sister wrote this on FB: “The signs of the End of Time are obvious..and we are still oblivious?? It is time for a serious retrospection: What Have We Packed For Akhirah, our Eternal Abode?

What have you packed for yours?

2 thoughts on “Updates on Japan & my experience being afflicted with calamity.

  1. Subhan Allah! I’d probably freak out if I ever saw such a thing! I’ve never seen snow, and the only hail stones I’ve seen were in movies and it looked scary, like rocks flinging down from the sky!

    Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala helps us and encompasses us in His mercy in the most subtle of ways, but if we reflect upon it, it’s like flashing headlights, isn’t it? Imagine, you never skipped class before, but on that day, you did! Isn’t it amazing?

    On the day of the tsunami in 2004, I was at work early morning and I was having a queasy stomach. Usually I use the office toilet, but that morning I thought I’d go home (I lived just a few blocks away) and take in a quick breakfast as well.

    Less than half an hour after I left, I was on my way back when I saw a river of water gushing down the street and people running away from it. I was near my uncle’s house and he stopped me from going any further when we saw the water coming.

    My office and the adjoining warehouse was completely flooded and I saw with horror my colleagues trying to salvage the stock and trying to move out in nearly waist-length water! Desks and computers were submerged and it was a miracle nobody got electrocuted!

    I could have so easily been there. But on that day when so many were battling the water, I didn’t even get a drop on myself and al-hamdulillahi the water stopped before it reached my home! At the time, I was all excited and didn’t understand the gravity of what Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala has done for me, but now I can’t think of that day without getting emotional. Lives were lost, homes were ruined, whole islands were washed away and by the Grace of my Rabb, there wasn’t so much as a puddle on my street!

    Subhan Allah! He does so much for me and I’m still failing miserably in my duties to Him! And your last words have totally creeped me out! I’m going to go do some packing now!

    • Subhan Allah sis.. my hailstorm story is nothing compared to yours! Al-hamdulillah nothing happened to you or your family! I think I recall the tsunami in 2004… wasn’t it a massive one?

      I keep thinking, what if I had actually attended tutorial that day..? 😦 And what if you hadn’t gone home?..Like you said, Allah Almighty is indeed merciful to us! Perhaps, it’s one His ways of giving us tarbiyyah, to be grateful etc ..but at that point, all I did was worry about the damages instead of reflecting. Subhan Allah.. May He give us that second chance too sis, should any disaster strike our country! I can’t imagine being lucky twice but He knows best! 😦

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