O Turner of hearts, make my heart firm on this Deen!

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

I intended to share this video but unfortunately for some reason I couldn’t upload it here. So here are snippets of it..

"I've learnt that Puteri, you left your family.."

"....left your parents and also your religion.."

"..the worse is that I left my religion for the sake of love.."

"..I began to realise when I was caught because of zina and murtad (apostatacy).."

Synopsis: The main focus of this lecture is actually on the rise of zina amongst teenagers. Lately, news had been reporting the escalating number of teenage pregnancies and babies being dumped in Malaysia. ‘Puteri’ was caught by the religious authorities for living together with her non-Muslim boyfriend. They also discovered later that she was not a Muslim as he promised to marry her on one condition that she leaves Islam. Blinded by love and false promises, she even abandoned her family. The religious authorities sent her to ‘Raudhatus Sakinah’ where she started learning about Islam again and later repented.

Some of the objectives of ‘Raudhatus Sakinah’ (as seen from their website) are to help teenagers specifically who are victims of social vices, to rebuild their life again and most importantly, provide them with basic Islamic education. I really commend their efforts in establishing such an institution to bring teenagers back to the teachings Islam. How many are willing to guide these youngsters back to Islam, instead of simply criticize them? Be part of the solution, not add on to the problem!

We may say, nah I won’t do such a thing! Leave Islam for a man? Pfft! I say that since we are not in her shoes, don’t be too quick to make such a statement! Women, generally from my own perspective, become weak in their knees by men who sweet talk (more like sugarcoat their words!), and especially if he is attractive. Ladies, I’m sure we are smarter than that yea? 🙂

My point is that, we could possibly be in that same situation. When love blinds someone, their desires might just overrule him from making sound decisions. Remember the story about a Hafidh who gave up his Deen for the sake of love..?

Ibn Kathir narrated, on the authority of Ibn al-Jawzi:

“There was an unfortunate man from the Mujahidin who were fighting in the lands of the Romans. So, when the Muslims were in one of their expeditions and surrounding a land of the lands of the Romans, he looked to a woman of the Romans who was sitting in a fortress therein, and he became attracted to her and sent her a message asking how he could reach her. She replied: “As soon as you conquer this area, then come up to the fortress and you can have me,” so, as soon as the area was conquered by the Muslims, he did this.

From that point on, there was not a single skirmish that the Muslims would be engaged in except that he would be up in the fortress with her. This caused the Muslims great sadness and distress, and it became very hard on them to deal with this reality. After a while, they went up to the fortress where he was staying with this woman and said to him: “What happened to all the Qur’an you knew? What happened to your knowledge? What happened to your fasting? What happened to your Jihad? What happened to your prayer?”

So, he replied to them: “Know that I have forgotten all of the Qur’an I used to know except for these verses: {“Those who disbelieve wish that they were Muslims. Leave them to eat and enjoy, and let them be preoccupied with false hope. They will come to know!”} [al-Hijr; 2-3] and I now have wealth and children with them.””

[‘al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah’; 11/68]

O Turner of the hearts, make my heart firm upon Your Religion! Subhan Allah.. It’s not worth sacrificing the Deen for this Dunya 😦 Allahu Mustaan..

Food for thought: My ustadhah commented on the video that perhaps these mistakes might bring them even closer to Allah than us.. subhan Allah :/

6 thoughts on “O Turner of hearts, make my heart firm on this Deen!

  1. This is a nation-wide disease that’s happening in Maldives too. Zina is such a common occurrence that nobody even blinks an eye anymore. Rare are the couples who don’t sleep together before marriage. In schools, offices, sexual escapades and extra marital affairs are discussed as normally as if they’re commenting on their choice of fruits or something!

    (of course, this is from my observation and I’m not saying everyone is like that, but a good majority are heedless of what they’re doing)

    Too frequently, there are reports of babies being thrown away in tin cans, dumped in the sewage system and so on! Subhan Allah, the first question that always come to my mind is, do they not fear Allah? Imagine how He will punish them for these atrocities!!

    Masha Allah, it’s wonderful to know that Malaysia is taking a proactive role, from a religious perspective to curb this disease. I only wish the Maldivian government would think of a similar initiative. We are supposed to be a Muslim nation, but it’s as if everyday, our citizens move further and further away from Islam!

    I agree with what you said, passion can be blindingly seductive and in my opinion, no matter how rational or level-headed you are, if you do not have Eeman as your strength and Islam as your cover, then you will fail miserably in resisting it!

    Remember Prophet Yusuf (AS)? Even he was tempted, but he was able to resist only by remembering Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala! He was a Prophet, and we’re just mere people! No matter how loudly we scoff that no man can make us stoop that low, if Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala is not in our hearts, then we’ll happily follow Shaytan down that path!

    And yes, masha Allh sometimes people come back from the vilest of deeds to the purest of eemans! Whenever I hear such a story, my amazement at the Power and Majesty of our Rabb is renewed! Allah Akbar!

    • Subhan Allah! This phenomenon is not rampant in just a few countries, I bet it’s a worldwide problem..I’m just slightly surprised that it is widespread in Maldives too.. well, the sister from Maldives gave me the impression that it is an Islamic country.. But how silly, because there’s no such thing as an ‘Islamic’ country! Now I’m convinced otherwise..

      “extra marital affairs are discussed as normally as if they’re commenting on their choice of fruits or something!” Wow! That’s very brazen of them to be doing so! Subhan Allah.. I guess this is what Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam was referring to 1430 years ago when he mentioned that adultery will be rampant as the End of Days approaches.. Allahu Mustaan.

      As for those innocent little beings being dumped like garbage.. La Hawla quwata illah billah.. Do you know that such babies, especially aborted ones are used as experiments in Sgp? These babies are being murdered and later further dissected in labs? Ya Allah.. what sin have they committed to deserve that? May Allah safeguard all of us from committing zina!

      I think, it is actually crucial the government act quickly to curb such problem etc as it is on the rise in Malaysia. They have also set up schools for pregnant teens to provide them with education. The government has religious authorities constantly checking that man and woman are not alone together – I personally find this ineffective as Malaysia is a large country, how is it possible to ‘spy’ on every single person? I hope Maldivian government could possibly learn something from Malaysia although I would think one effective way is to ensure basics of Islam is implemented in education system and have stricter laws in countries with regards to dealing social vices..

      Sis, you’re right to say that with eemaan in your heart, you would be able to push aside all these temptations.. My thoughts are that in the case of the Hafidh, as a result of committing one sin (he didnt lower his gaze!), his heart diverted away from Islam! I remember a hadith that describes the qalb as being a leaf in the wind as it is constantly ‘fluttering’ or changing..May our hearts are firm on this Deen despite the sins we commit daily! The dua can be found in suraah Ali-Imran, verse 8,

      “Rabbana la tuzigh qulubana ba’da “idh hadaytana wa-hab lana min ladun-ka rahmatanh “innaka “anta al-wahhabu”
      Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate from the truth after You have guided us, and bestow upon us mercy from Your grace. Verily You are the Giver of bounties without measure. (3:8)

      yes masha Allah :)) Sis, you should watch the interview with Bro Nouman Ali who became atheist and then came back to Islam.. :))

  2. How sad that this is becoming prevalent, but alhamdillah that the group there seeks to help them come back to Islam. I think you are right in not judging the person and thinking we would be better. WE should always ask Allah to keep us away from all temptations and fitnas and to guard our faith for us.

    Your ustadh has a good point. That reminds me of the woman who committed zina during the prophet’s time (sallah Allahoo alyhee wa salam) and how he said that she repented a repentance that if it were to spread over all of the people of Madinah, it would be greater or something to that extent. Sometimes, we do a good deed, but then out of this good deed we grow arrogant….while others do a bad deed and feel regret and shame and humility in front of Allah…

    May Allah forgive this sister and keep all of us steadfast on the deen 🙂

    • Al-hamdulillah for their efforts sis! It’s comforting to know that there are people out there who are willing to reach out to the community! Imagine if we ignore these problems!

      Sometimes, we do a good deed, but then out of this good deed we grow arrogant….while others do a bad deed and feel regret and shame and humility in front of Allah

      Subhan Allah, so true! I read a note once about how a sin can lead us to Paradise but one condition: repentance! Allah is ever so Merciful!

      Aameen to your dua sis 🙂

  3. Salaam sis, I once read that one should never be arrogant because of his good deeds as 1) He will never know his state of faith when he dies, 2) No on can enter Jannah with his good deeds, even the Prophet (saw) ,but one enters Jannah through the mercy of The Almighty (there is a hadith) . Everytime you feel that you are better than someone, think that maybe that person would die in a higher state of imaan than you and pray to Allah (swt) to ((thabbit quluubanaa a’laa diinik)) Make my heart steadfast (the word is tetapkan but I could not find any accurate translation) on your deen (Islaam).
    You’re from sgp right? So am I. Is there anything we can do to stop zinaa from prevailing here, especially among Muslim teens? How do we reach out to the Muslim teens that are not educated about Islam? How do we make them want to study Islam? I know there are some organisations doing this but in my opinion, their perception of Islam is wrong. Girls running and jumping in the presence of guys, with super skinny jeans and short blouses. Girls and boys put in the same group to do team building activities together etc.
    If there is anything you disagree with me. just inform me. I am just a slave of Allah, just like you.
    Jakillah ukti for this great post!

    • Wa alaik salam wa Rahmatullaah Sis Suhailah,

      Jazakillah khayr for sharing! You are right about not being arrogant because only Allah knows our state when we die. Allahu Mustaan..!

      As for stopping zina in Sgp, I think this issue is quite a complex one. I find that the reason why zina is ubiquitous is the result of being influenced by tv dramas, programmes, media etc. We cannot run away from seeing a lot of munkar everywhere we go in Sgp. So to put a stop will be difficult unless they are given the understanding that it is haraam and give them ways to lower their gazes.

      I believe that there are many programmes at masjid nowadays quite active in attracting youths and teenagers alike to the masjid for both fun and islamic activities. And you are right about some organizations running the programmes doing it in the incorrectly that does not represent Islam. I’ve heard of it myself from friends who have run such programmes saying that it is difficult to teach them the correct Islam when other organizers themselves are quite openly interacting freely with the opposite gender etc. So the only solution I think would be that everyone would have to constantly increase their ilm according to Qur’an and Sunnah. Like I said, there is no easy solution. The Ummah has to tackle this issue from all levels, not just the youngsters because the youths and older generations themselves are not showing a good example.

      Wa iyyaki sis 🙂

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