‘Burnout’: Part 2

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

Masha Allah, look at what Sheikh Albaani is advising us youth! At 2:00 onwards, Sheikh Albaani mentioned about those who busy themselves with categorizing others as being ‘an innovator’. He also said to not feel contempt towards these ‘innovators’. I have been taught that we should stay away from innovators especially, which specifically means then that I should befriend those who are on the Manhaj only. Anyone who is not on the understanding of the Salaf should be abandoned for fear that their innovations might corrupt our understanding.

At first, I was enthusiastic on doing so but came to a realisation later that, there are so many people whom I’m close to are not on the Manhaj let alone heard of the term ‘Salaf’. What, should I abandon them then? Should I cut ties with my family especially who are still following the practises of the forefathers and are still grasping with what is Sunnah and that which contradicts the Sunnah?

If anything, it’s those whom we love and are close to us that deserve our Da’wah the most. We can do our part in sharing our knowledge we have with them, correct any misconceptions that they have and guide them to what is right. The sister told me that it could possibly be that some of our brothers/sisters grew up in a non-Islamic environment or that they have always been taught to do certain things which go against the Sunnah. Don’t you think then that it is only our duty to help them instead of leaving them?

I have seen in my own eyes that some would easily abandon their own Muslim brothers/sisters over matters of Khilaf but are friends with those who have no faith in Allah/no faith at all! Subhan Allah! What an irony!!

I have always been amazed that Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam spent 13 years establishing only Tawheed in Makkah. If he had been impatient and harsh towards the inhabitants of Makkah, would they have embraced Islam? I doubt it. Someone had told me before, “I’m harsh because I’m only saying the Haqq”. What gives you the right to be harsh even when saying the Haqq? Can you imagine if Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam were to give da’wah in this similar manner? Again, I doubt anyone would be Muslims. Put yourself in your own shoes when you were Jaahil – would you like it if someone came up to you and pointed out all your faults and to that person, he is ‘only telling you the truth’? Most of us would have probably ignored him completely.

Part 3

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