‘Burnout’: Part 3

We can look to the lives of Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam and his companions as they are countless examples on how they gave Da’wah. They were not always ‘soft’ in their approach but it was all depending on what situation they were in. How you give da’wah to others should be the same way as how you want others to give da’wah to you.

I’ve always admired a particular ustadh’s way of giving da’wah. Although it was a Fiqh class, he would carefully list out the daleels from different Imaams, discussed it throughly before coming to a conclusion. He doesn’t immediately say ‘This and that is haraam‘ but allow us to reason and understand fully before saying, ‘This particular issue is preferable over another‘. Subhan Allah!

Before I end this extremely long post, I would like to point out that not I am not making a collective judgement against those who adhere to the Creed of Salaf as Salih as not everyone behaves in this manner. It is only reflective of those whom I have come across and personally interacted with.

As for the title ‘Burnout’ – I am slightly feeling the ‘Salafi Burnout’ as the sister has noted but that does not mean that I’ve stopped learning according to Qur’an and Sunnah, or have left Islam nauzubillah! I’m prioritising my time learning the Deen through lectures and articles, and lesser through people insha Allah.

Lastly, as always – this is a reminder for me first before any of you. Sometimes, I do forget that I can be harsh but this will be a reminder for me that I should always strive to follow the Qur’an and Sunnah closely from their understanding of the Deen down to their speech and behaviour insha Allah.

An article to share with all of you here (it’s in my language but you can try translate it insha Allah)



6 thoughts on “‘Burnout’: Part 3

  1. Masha Allah, your three Burnout posts are quite passionate and thought-provoking.

    It’s a sad but rapidly progressing truth that Salafism is now a sect. How else can it be described when there are people who are so diligently fanatical about it now?

    We already have the Shiites and Sufis who separated from the main body of Muslims by completely going off the tangent. Then we have the Hanafi’s and Maliki’s and these sects who propagate differences among the Sunnis. And if these differences weren’t already enough, the people who claims to revive Islam to its original purity and unite the Ummah, is now branching themselves off into a separate group? Hypocritical anyone?

    These are not the actions of all the individuals who adhere to the Creed of the Salaf-as Salih, but of a few. A few who believe that only they are on the right path and anyone else who doesn’t strictly adhere to it, have gone out of the fold of Islam. Aren’t they behaving similar to the Khawarijs?

    I get what you mean about the “burnout” sis. Remember how I told you that I was first introduced to the Manhaj when I was in school? At the time, the Salafi community of Maldives was really small and when I entered into it, the sisters I met had already been on the Manhaj for a few years. They all wore the niqab and full jilbab (read: not even the abaya)

    Everything was all new to me and I was very excited, but I was constantly battling a feeling of inferiority among some of the sisters I hung out with. I was new to hijab and everything and instead of slowly encouraging me into the fold, their method of da’wah made me miserable! My hijab was too short, my dress was not loose enough, I was too loud when I talked and once while eating, I drank water from my left hand and got a scolding.

    One of my best friends also entered the Salafi community with me, but the constant pressure from the sisters, combined with the opposition from her family and everyone made her throw in the towel and quit. I hung around for a couple of months without her and finally quit myself. It was too much to handle. I decided I can’t do it. I can’t be one of these Salafi people.

    You see sis, I did “burnout”. Completely and totally. I stopped all contact with the sisters, abaya went out the window and once again religion went into the background of my life. It’s not something I’m very proud of, but at the same time, I feel that if I had been encouraged in a different way, I might not have given up so soon.

    But al-hamdulillahi even though I gave up on Him, Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala does not give up on a slave whom He has blessed with His hidaayah. After I moved to Sri Lanka, Allah subahanahu wa ta’aala once again turned me in His direction.

    This time, I did not learn Islam from the people. This time I learned from books, lectures, articles and most importantly, the Quran and the Sunnah. Away from the people, only with me and Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala, the connection I built up the second time around is masha Allah stronger than my first time.

    In one of Baba Ali’s videos he says that he himself accepted Islam when it was presented to him correctly and that is a very fundamental truth. If people don’t know how to present Islam, then they will drive people away rather than bring them towards Islam. And one of the most irritating habits of some of the adherents of the Creed of the Salaf as-Salih is that they look down on the rest of the Muslims.

    Masha Allah yes, you have been blessed to be on the path free from innovation, but instead of it making you arrogant, should it not humble you? Your ultimate guide is the Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) and you’re striving to follow his teachings. Then should you not emulate his character as well? He did not go around declaring the one who forgot to say Bismillah a kafir!

    I get really frustrated you know? Why do they forget that they themselves were guided from a life of innovation by the Mercy of Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala? Should they not want the same for the rest of their brothers and sisters instead of alienating them?

    In a really amazing lecture about Unity in the Muslim Ummah, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi said that even though he would not pray behind a Shiite, he would embrace a Shiite as a brother in Islam because our fundamental belief is the same. We all believe that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wasallam) is His Messenger.

    He said that this should ALWAYS be the focal point whenever we address matters of khilaf among the Ummah. I was still learning about the Manhaj when I came across what you have said regarding Sheikh Albani and Sheikh Bin Baz. I found a slight difference in the way they prayed and I was all confused and then I came across a statement of Sheikh Albani. He said that just because he did not come across a particular daleel, it does not mean that Sheikh Bin Baz also didn’t. And if he were to pray behind Sheikh Bin Baz, then he would follow the Sheikh.

    See, these were masha Allah the two great scholars of our time, and they did not erupt into WWIII over matters of khilaf. They respected each other’s intellect, knowledge, taqwa and love for the Deen. They understood that gaps will be there, but they also understood how to bridge those gaps.

    Differences arise and are inevitable because Allah created all of us differently, but we should never forget that though He created us with different thoughts, opinions, views etc…, He also united us with the gift of Islam. As long as our Shahadah holds strong, than we’re all Muslims, regardless of the differences amongst us, making no one superior over the other.

    • Masha Allah, I concur with everything you said! You are probably the first person to share the same exact sentiments about this!

      It IS in fact turning into a sect when it should simply be going back to the original teachings of Islam. There is a lecture by Ibn al-Uthaymeen who addresses this same particular issue. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v_qeMxc_vY..

      Sis, take a look at Brother Redtide’s commented on my first ‘Burnout’ post. The questioner asked a question about Salafiyyah and Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen’s response is the best answer I’ve ever seen subhan Allah! Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has said that the Ummah will be divided in 73 sects and yet these people who claim to be on the manhaj are behaving just the same way as those who divide themselves. You are right, it is hypocritical that we call others to accept the manhaj for it being ‘pure’ form of Islam but at the same time, we are very much divided just like those in sects. How contradicting really..

      Even Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen mentioned that Creed of Salaf as Salih is actually calling the Ummah to unity and harmony instead of further disintegration. Looking at the behaviour of the few who call themselves ‘salafi’ but behaving very atrociously, it is no wonder why there are people who are actually turn away from the teaching and look into Sufism for example. And yes sis, they behave just like the Khawarij who makes takfeer on those who commits even the slightest sin. Also, I have to add that there is a particular group on Facebook who strongly believes that Imam Hanafi and those who follow this Madhab are all kafirs. And I thought Khawarijs are long gone!!

      Wow masha Allah, sorry to read about your ‘Burnout’ story.. Guess I’m not alone in this too 🙂 I can imagine being in your position having being corrected for every single thing. It’s nice to know that someone cares for you but how they do it really needs hikmah. Oh man, seems that they were literally trying to change you into a different person lol! Such transitions comes over time but no one should expect us to change everything, from our wardrobe down to the tiniest littlest things, overnight. That’s just plain crazy! I think I would be intimidated if I were in such a community too sis.. And just like your friend, I would have probably call it quits too.

      There are actually some who have left this Creed and went on to becoming a Sufi and worse, there are some who left Islam completely. How we give da’wah to others is very important and just like you said, if you had been encouraged in a different way, you wouldn’t have given up so soon.

      The best way, in my opinion, to learn Islam especially if the community close to us behave in this manner, is to simply learn on our own. Listen and attend lectures that are upon Qur’an and Sunnah, read good books and articles.. just like what you did. Other people’s behaviour have a way of affecting us even though they may be correct in certain aspects.

      ” Masha Allah yes, you have been blessed to be on the path free from innovation, but instead of it making you arrogant, should it not humble you?”

      So true! They do not realise that Allah has bestow His blessings on them by giving them this understanding but in turn they behave arrogantly. In the link I posted, the Ustadh mentioned that there are many who are for the ‘Isbal’ and they do so in such an arrogant manner – aren’t they just the same as those Arabs who lengthen their dressing out of pride? It’s a different manhaj but same type of arrogance!

      Now that you mentioned, no wonder I have seen articles/were being warned/can’t remember against following Yasir Qadhi! Lol.. perhaps it was just because he said that he doesn’t mind embracing Shiites as a brother in Islam! Subhan Allah..My exact sentiments really! I see Shias, Sufis etc as my brother in Islam too! To me, as long as he says the shahadah, isn’t he considered a Muslim then (or course if you ignore the Imammiyah part of Shia beliefs)? It’s not for us to decide who is a believer/disbeliever!

      Masha Allah sis, thanks for sharing what Sheikh Albani said about praying behind Sheikh Bin Baaz. Look at how humble our scholars! Subhan Allah! No way can we match our knowledge with theirs but look at how they interact with one another over differences in opinions! Amazing!

      Jazakillah khayr for sharing your thoughts and views on this sis.. I thought I’m all alone in this but glad that there are at least some out there who face similar ‘trials’ too 🙂 *Hugs*

      • Sis, when I was watching that lecture of Yasir Qadhi, I thought he made a lot of very good points, but I didn’t necessarily agree with him about the Shi’a being our brothers in Islam. I suppose his intention was good, asking us to be more open-minded and accepting, but I just don’t see myself accepting the beliefs of the Shi’a.

        I mean, haven’t they distorted the Shahadah itself with the addition of a third phrase? The more I read about them, the more I see that they have a completely different belief system than ours.

        I personally believe that as long as our Shahadah/Tawheed is the same, then the sects which propagate differences in Fiqh and such are still our brothers and sisters in Islam.

        But sects which has completely gone off the tangent like Sufis who claim that Allah is everywhere and all sorts of mystical nonsense, haven’t they corrupted their Tawheed right from the beginning?

        The same is true for the Shi’a because some of the things they believe about Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala is corrupted. Like Allah making mistakes and Allah changing His mind. They don’t even believe that the Quran is free from alteration and even have one whole separate Surah they invented!

        I don’t know, aren’t their basic belief in Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala distorted? And aren’t they committing blatant shirk by venerating the shrines of their Imams? This is all of course aside from the evil that they spout against the Companions and the Mothers of the Believers.

        Lol, am I ranting? Sorry! 😛 Allah knows best whether the Shi’a are Muslims or not, but judging from what I’ve read of their beliefs, practices and actions, I personally don’t think that they are really within the fold of Islam.

        What do you think?

      • Sis, jazakillah khayr for sharing your opinion 🙂 Could you link me up the lecture by Yasir Qadhi that you’re referring to? 🙂 I would love to take a look and see what he has to say.

        As for whether I think shia’s are Muslim or not, I am quite hesistant to take a stand actually. For one reason, I remember someone telling me that within the shia sect, there are sub sects itself and one of which although follows the Fundamentals of Shiite beliefs, they do not take partners with Allah. This would then mean that they are somewhat similar to the Sunnis but follow the Shiite beliefs.. if you get what I mean? 🙂 And if I remember correctly, this was said by my religious teacher back in Singapore. Allahu Alam, I really can’t remember and that’s why I don’t want to be saying if they are Muslim or not.

        Apart from that, at one point time, I was so curious about Shiasm that I spent a few weeks with them, asked them questions about their beliefs and all. Again, if I can recall correctly, I asked if they worship the Imams, and their reply was ‘no’, they only pray to Allah alone. However, this can’t be conclusive for the rest of the Shiite population.. I mean, not every Shiite agrees to this.

        I have read up about their beliefs and practises, maybe not as in depth as I should.. but like I said, I’m just too afraid of saying whether one is a disbeliever or not. One can say, you should ‘call a spade, a spade’.. Personally I feel, only Allah knows if they are Muslims or not. Allahu Alam.. 🙂

  2. Hey, I was just browsing through some lectures on facebook when I saw this, and thought to share it with you.

    It’s a small Q&A by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi about Shias.

    I think I might have been a bit mistaken about the point Sheikh Yasir Qadhi was trying to make about the Shias and co-operating with them in that previous lecture I watched.

    Because in this one, he clearly states that their beliefs are completely different from ours and that the leading scholars of our time, Uthaymeen, Baz etc… made takfir on Ayatollah Khomeni!

    But he also said that we cannot make takfir on every Shia because the average Shia is mostly ignorant about his beliefs.

    p.s. In other news, I’m watching a video series by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi on the tafsir of Surah Yusuf and sis, it’s absolutely amazing!!! Here’s the link:

    Have you watched it? It’s really really long, almost 15 parts I think and each part has 5-6 videos. If you haven’t, I highly recommend it! 🙂

    Surah Yusuf is one of the most unique surahs in the Quran and tafsir lectures always has this way of bringing us more closer to Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala, don’t they? I love hearing about all the big and small ways our Book is a miracle!! 🙂

    Last night, I watched a lecture by Nouman Ali Khan about the importance of learning Arabic to truly appreciate and grasp the miracle of the Quran! I got all depressed!! Translations do not capture the beauty and awe of it!! Sis, we have to dedicate the next three years of our lives to learn Arabic!! 🙂

    • Sis!! Jazakillah khayr for sharing the videos with me..! 🙂 I’m excited to check them out soon insha Allah! 😀

      A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through lectures and thought of watching that tafseer but gave it a pass..lol, now I’m definitely watching them once I’m free insha Allah 🙂 Surah Yusuf is one of the most interesting suraahs to me, because of the lessons we can learn from Prophet Yusuf alayhi salam.

      I think I’ve watched that video before! Oh man, definitely have to start learning Arabic too. One Sheikh mentioned that if you understand Arabic, you can appreciate the beauty of Qur’an. He gave an example of one of the names of Allah ‘Ar-Rahim’ means ‘love’ and this is also the name of womb ‘Rahim’ carrying the child. Subhan Allah, how beautiful to this? 🙂 let’s learn Arabic together.. I still have yet to get Uni out of the way before starting the IOU! 🙂

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