My thoughts on niqaab ban

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

As most of you already know, the niqaab/burqa ban took effect last Monday. I’ve been reading posts by sisters and brothers alike who expressed their outrage over such ban so basically, there isn’t much to add. Sister Fatimah who spoke in the video encapsulates important points of what this ban signifies.

What disgusts me the most would probably be feminist groups who are supposedly ’emancipating’ Muslim women from being ‘forced’ into wearing niqaab/burqa but unfortunately, they choose to close an eye when it comes to subjugation of women in many aspects of our society. They are fighting for a lost cause as Muslim women were given their rights more than 1,400 ago Allahu Akbar!

And since more niqaabi sisters are speaking out on niqaab being their personal choice , feminist groups are now changing their tactics and are instead fighting for the health of niqaabislack of Vitamin D as a result of little exposure to the sun! Subhan Allah! Let’s see what other excuses they can come up with under the guise to ‘free Muslim women’..

However, as much as we criticize those who oppose our Islamic beliefs and values, should we not reflect on the state of our Ummah and how it has played a role in the downfall of Islam? A lecture I watched recently mentioned that how can Allah give us Izzah or Honour when we have not completed part of our contract ? We want Allah to grant us victory and yet as Muslims, we forsake our obligations and instead transgress His laws. We call ourselves Muslims but our actions very much reflect those from Jahiliyyah.

As an Ummah, we are weak in face of oppression against these tyrants. We pride ourselves for being the fastest growing religion, however what percentage is actually out there fighting for the rights of Muslims? But worse, how many of those who claim to be Muslims but are in fighting against the rights of Muslims? This niqaab ban would have probably not been plausible if our own Muslims had not been supporting it in the first place! In an article which I came across by an Imaam from a leading University, he explicitly derided the niqaab as being a ‘cultural monstrosity’ and ‘the product of male chauvinism’. Surely, someone of his calibre would at least have some knowledge of Islam to understand that niqaab was worn by the Best of Women! And in fact there are more of such Muslims who are vehemently fighting for the niqaab ban.

In the Qur’an, Allah swt says:

“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)” (13: 11)

How can the Ummah be victorious if we are still very divided, or that those living amongst us have a disease in their hearts? Our Ummah will constantly be humiliated by these tyrants unless change begins within ourselves before He can grant us success in this Dunya. The kufaars will constantly force their way of life and beliefs upon us unless each and every one of us embrace this Deen fully. No matter how we much we compromise our Islam to please them, they will never be pleased until we leave the religion.

p/s/ I wrote this after my Mid sems so if some points don’t connect, you know why 🙂

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on niqaab ban

  1. Masha Allah sis!! This is your best post to date! I absolutely loved it!! 🙂

    You have said something very profound sis. When we rage against the kuffaars and their evil, injustices and oppressions against us, we fail to see the same exact deeds in our own Ummah.

    There is a saying that says every great army, every great nation, has only fallen due to the cracks from within, not because of any might or power leveled against them from outside.

    And this is so clearly seen in our own Ummah! Mere years after the death of our beloved Prophet (sallalaahu alayhi wasallam), our own turned against us! If we cannot unite from within, what hope is there to stand united against a foe?

    “No matter how we much we compromise our Islam to please them, they will never be pleased until we leave the religion”

    Subhan Allah, this is exactly what the Ummah has been doing for so many years! Compromising our religion. The biggest example of this is how we twist the Shariah to fit into their mold. We change the laws the ultimate Lawmaker has legislated for us to suit the whims of His creations!

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala forgive this horrible betrayal on our part! We are betraying our Lord and we have no fear! No fear at all!! Auzubillahi!!

    • 🙂 You’re right sis.. Actually even in the Seerah of Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, the Ummah suffered loses in battles as a result of them being weak. Munafiqoons were living amongst them as well and this has caused the downfall of Islam.

      And what a nice quote sis: every great army, every great nation, has only fallen due to the cracks from within, not because of any might or power leveled against them from outside. We are quick to point fingers at kufaars for humiliating us but we fail to evaluate ourselves if we had contributed to this humiliation. Does every Muslim fulfill their obligations as a Muslim in the first place?

      oh yes sis, after the death of Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, there was so much fitnah. Actually, I’m quite bewildered at the thought of our own Muslims killing one another over power then. Now, it’s merely fighting between sects that will never seem to resolve.

      Definitely, nowadays people even try to twist the ayaah from Qur’an to fit their own desires (e.g. some say hijaab is not required since there is no mentioning of covering of hair). May Allah protect us from picking and choosing what we desire from the Deen!

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