Videos on the niqaab ban.

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

The first two videos are interviews of two sisters on the niqaab issue in France by different television channels – BBC and Ten (an Australian channel). I presume that most of us would have seen the debate between Srs. Hebah Ahmed and Mona Elthaway on CNN. For some annoying reason, Facebook deleted the video from my wall and I couldn’t find it on another sister’s wall too. [on a sidenote, please be more aware of what you write/share on Facebook. It is starting to creep me out after a recent incident]

Please watch the last video especially [there’s music]…Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it.

I know this is a satire to ‘ridicule the hatred of some and gain some inspiration of it’ as stated by them but do you think it can possibly be misconstrued as making a mockery out of the niqaab? What are your thoughts on this? Please share because I’m very curious 🙂


4 thoughts on “Videos on the niqaab ban.

  1. Yep, I saw the CNN video and another one where sister Hebah Ahmed explains more about the niqab. I thought it was excellent the way she stated her position quite calmly and reasonably instead of getting all emotional and defensive. (Lol, like I probably would :P)

    Oh I loved the sister in your second video. Her confidence and retorts to that MP person was very good masha Allah 🙂

    For the life of me, I cannot understand this security concerns they seem to be having!! I doubt that any niqabi refuses to show her face when asked by airport security, or bank or any other such place. In all these years, have there been any breaking news about a bunch of niqabis committing some heinous crime or breaching some important security? If there have been, it sure hasn’t reached my corner of the world!

    And in the second video it was said that the veil itself is a cultural symbol and not at all related to the Quran? Excuse me? Aren’t reporters supposed to research before babbling on air?

    You know sis, something I always wonder about is why do people give such lengthy explanations for the hijab/niqab? I mean, we cover because Allah commands us to, it’s as simple as that.

    Oh yeah, I don’t know what to make of the last video either. I saw one similar to it where two men dressed as niqabis did a dance routine near the Eiffel tower (I think) or some such place in France.

    Honestly? I think I was insulted. As it says in this video, maybe their intention was to support the niqabis, but I felt as if they were kind of mocking it. I don’t know. Maybe I’m being too sensitive? Lol, maybe I don’t get this kind of humor 😛

    • Sister, I have the same opinion as yours about the third video. There’s nothing such ‘humour’ when it comes to religion matter. No, it is normal, for us as Muslim women, to feel insulted by this kind of thing. It’s all about our religion’s dignity. About the Muslim women pride. To me, the video has shown the opposite teaching in Islam about being a Muslim woman. The non-Muslims will be misunderstand by the video and they might say “So this is the real Muslim woman..” There are lots of way to show our support for the niqaabis. *huff

      • That’s true sis 🙂 I guess they were trying to approach this in a light hearted manner but I guess people might misconstrue their main objectives. And like sis Xahu said, it’s a man underneath the niqaab lol 😛 oh goodness gracious.. If I could see the positive side of this video it would probably be that they are trying to suggest to others that hey, woman in niqaab are similar to everyone of us. The French music and dance (I think tango is from Italy?) probably signify that even though she wears niqaab, she is just ‘as French’ as everyone else there. Thus, there isn’t a need to discriminate a woman who dresses that way.. Well, that’s how I interpret the video but I do not necessary agree with it.. Allahu Alam..

    • Yess! I was impressed with Sr. Hebah Ahmed for not losing her cool.. you’re not alone sis. I would have been all flustered if I had been in her seat lol. I think more niqaabi sisters should speak up so that voices can be heard and people can evaluate for themselves whether niqaab is their personal choice or otherwise..

      Haha sis, the sister in second video is from Oxford.. I bet she has lots more to say if she had the chance. Anyway, I think she’s very sweet looking!

      Ahh sis, they are just using the ‘security concern’ excuse to remove the niqaab. Which is why I think if we let this to happen (which has already happened), what’s next? Ban hijaab because you can hide something underneath? At airports now, they even scan my hijaab in case I have something underneath. I won’t be surprised they might use this excuse in the future when they decide to ban hijaab too. As for niqaab being a ‘cultural symbol’, even some Muslims say that it is simply a cultural practise so I’m not surprised if non-Muslims were to say the same thing!

      I didn’t know the person under the niqaab was a man! Now that you mentioned.. hmm..If people were to find out it was a man underneath, I think people would agree that this is a security concern especially when you don’t know who’s underneath. At first, I found it hilarious because people were giggling at the rather unusual sight of woman in niqaab dancing. But I became uncomfortable at the thought of the niqaab being used as an object of mockery although their intention is different. I’m trying to reason it out that perhaps when the public were to meet a niqaabi on the streets next time, they would recall that satire and realize these ladies are just like any of us. Allahu alam..

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