My sisters <3

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

I received a parcel from a beloved sister back home consisting of a few items, amongst which is a wedding invitation card! 🙂 She informed us of her wedding couple of months ago and I thought I could push my schedule around but as a result of mid sems still underway, it’s unlikely that I would be able to attend. You know how guilty that makes me feel? Indescribable really 😦

Now here’s the catch: Her husband-to be is a Fijian so she will be migrating to Fiji the week after her wedding. It kills me knowing that I can’t attend her wedding firstly and then not able to bade or even a hug goodbye! Ugh 😦

There’s a saying.. when you are at the end, you start thinking about the beginning. I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately about the past. From how we met to how our friendship grew till now. All those wonderful memories and moments spent together will always remain etched dearly in my heart. This sister is one of those who would string pieces of me back together when I’m all torn up. She is the kind who waits with you at the bus stand and makes sure you are safely on it before walking alone in the dark. And she’s one whom you can spend hours on end talking about anything and realize that hours have gone by.

It all began at turntoislam forum. I was there mainly for the ilm but at the same time, wanted that feeling of closeness to sisters. Despite having sisters here in Australia, I just felt that they wouldn’t understand if I said I wanted to change my life around. It had to be one of the loneliest periods in my life but I was constantly making dua that He grant me righteous friends who would guide me through this Deen. Al-hamdulillah, it was through the forum itself that I forged bonds with this sister.

Along with another sister from the same forum, the three of us got together at a masjid in Sgp and were inseparable since 🙂 Almost each day, we would meet for dinners despite the two of them being exhausted from work and me having to travel sometimes up to an hour to see them. We were trying to learn the Deen together so everyday was like halaqah session where we shared our limited knowledge about Islam from articles and books we read. Being away from them did not deter our friendship to blossom even further – we still had our daily ‘halaqah’ but through the internet and messages.  And you know what they say, distance makes the heart fonder. I think being apart actually brought our friendship to whole new level.

Prophet Muhammed said:

A good and a bad companion are like the bearer of musk and the one who pumps out filth respectively. As for the bearer of musk, he will either give you a share, you will smell perfumed air, or you will purchase something from him as for one who pumps out filth, he will either burn your clothes or you will smell something filthy from him (Bukhari and Muslim)

The three of us were so inseparable that we felt our lives would be incomplete without each other. At one point of time we wanted to find a brother who would agree on marrying three of us at the same time lol. Or if that is not possible, we said that if either of us got married first, she would take in the other two as co-wives lol.. well doubt that’s going to happen!

Over time, we began attending classes at masjids and met more sisters. Our circle of friends expanded tremendously al-hamdulillah but unfortunately we grew slightly apart ever since. We would still have sisters gathering but now with a larger group, unfortunately the three of us don’t spend as much time together anymore. Nevertheless, we would still regularly update each other about our lives.

Now that she is leaving, I do wonder if our friendship would remain the same as it was before. When I finally decided that I wanted to return home for good this year, she had to break this news to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited for her but just a little bummed out that she’s leaving. But I trust He has better plans in store for us 🙂

Well, I still have the other sister, don’t I? 🙂 I love Sis A and hope she doesn’t leave me behind too :S  So what do you think the chances of finding a brother who wants two wives now! (Lol hey, I’m totally kidding ok!)

Narrated Abu Hurairah, The Prophet  said, “Allah will give shade, to seven, on the Day when there will be no shade but His. These seven persons are: 
1) a just ruler,
2) a youth who has been brought up in the worship of Allah (i.e. worships Allah sincerely from childhood),
3) a man whose heart is attached to the mosques (i.e. to pray the compulsory prayers in the mosque in congregation),
4) two persons who love each other only for Allah’s sake and they meet and part in Allah’s cause only, 
5) a man who refuses the call of a charming woman of noble birth for illicit intercourse with her and says: I am afraid of Allah,
6) a man who gives charitable gifts so secretly that his left hand does not know what his right hand has given (i.e. nobody knows how much he has given in charity),
7) and a person who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes are then flooded with tears.”  

4 thoughts on “My sisters <3

  1. Masha Allah sis! That is such a sweet story of how you met and how your friendship developed!

    Absence does make the heart grow fonder and even though she’s going far away, insha Allah it won’t change your friendship, because it’s not the distance that makes a true friendship right? It’s the closeness of your hearts! 🙂

    I totally get your bummed out thing about not making the wedding. One of my oldest friends got married in late March and it was smack in the middle of my exams! I couldn’t make it and I felt awful! And she also left for Nepal immediately after the wedding (she and her husband are both doing medicine) so I’m not gonna be able to see her anytime soon either 😦

    Hehe, what to do huh? Life takes us on different paths and we’re left with the memories! But al-hamdulillahi they’re very very good memories, aren’t they? So they almost makes up for the possibility of losing touch in the future because you know that person had a wonderful place in your life, for a brief period of time! 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder masha Allah, so true @ closeness of hearts! But I just hate how people tend to grow apart over time. I hope that doesnt happen to our friendship insha Allah! :/

      Oh dear, has she left for Nepal? How do you keep in contact with her? Do you send her letters or keep in contact through internet? I dislike losing people who had been important part of my life previously :/ I guess, it’s ME who needs to grow up sigh.. Btw, this last part “because you know that person had a wonderful place in your life, for a brief period of time!” reminds me of a phrase from a book.. or somewhere! hehe, nonetheless, thank you for the comforting words sis 🙂 Really needed that 🙂

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this was such a sweeeeeeeeet post ❤ <3! ma'shaAllah.

    May Allah bless your friend's marriage =) May He raise you up on the Day of Judgment under His shade. It is reported that the Prophets and martyrs will be 'jealous' of those who loved each other solely for Allah's sake 🙂

    • Aameeeeeennn to all your duas sis! Love you fillah! ❤ 🙂 May all of us be raised together on the Day of Judgement for loving each other for His sake!!

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