Jumaah #9

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

The tale of the Cave

This story is taken from Sahih Al-Bukhari, 4/3465:

Narrated Ibn Umar radiallahu anhu: Allah’s Messenger sallallahu alayhi salaam said,

“Once three persons (from the pervious nations) were travelling , and suddenly it started raining and they took shelter in a cave. The entrance of the cave got closed (suddenly by the falling of a huge rock) while they were inside. They said to each other, ‘O You! Nothing can save you except the truth, so each of you should ask Allah’s Help by referring to such a deed as he thinks he did sincerely (i.e., just for gaining Allah’s Pleasure).’

So one of them said, ‘O Allah! You know that I had a labourer who worked for me for one Faraq (i.e. three Sa’) of rice, but he departed, leaving it (i.e. his wages). I sowed that Faraq of rice and with its yield I bought cows (for him). Later on when he came to me asking for his wages, I said (to him): Go to those cows and drive them away. He said to me: But you have to pay me only a Faraq of rice. I said to him: Go to those cows and take them, for they are the product of that Faraq (of rice). So he drove them. O Allah! If You consider that I did that for fear of You, then please remove the rock.’

The rock shifted a bit from the mouth of the cave.

The second one said, ‘O Allah! You know that I had old parents whom I used to provide with the milk of my sheep every night. One night I was delayed and when I came, they had slept, while my wife and children were crying with hunger. I used not to let them (i.e. family) drink, unless my parents had drunk first. So I disliked to wake them up and also disliked that they should sleep without drinking it, I kept on waiting (for them to wake) till it dawned. O Allah! If You consider that I did that for fear of You, then please remove the rock.’

So the rock shifted and they could se the sky through it.

The third one said, ‘O Allah! You know that I had a cousin (i.e. paterna uncle’s daughter) who was most beloved to me and I sought to seduce her, but she refused, unless I paid her one hundred Dinars (i.e. gold pieces). So I collected the amount and brought it to her, and she allowed me to sleep with her. But when I sat between her legs, she said: Be Afraid of Allah, and do not deflower me but legally. I got up and left the hundred Dinars (for her). O Allah! If You consider that I did that for fear of You then please remove the rock.’

So Allah released them (removed the rock) and they came out (of the cave).”

This Hadeeth indicates that one can only ask Allah for help directly or through his performed good deeds. But to ask Allah through dead or prophets, saints, spirits, holy men, angels is absolutely forbidden in Islam and it is a kind of Polytheism.


2 thoughts on “Jumaah #9

  1. Jazakiallah Khair sis, for sharing this story. I don’t remember reading this 🙂

    Truly, Allah is As-Samee’ and Al-Baseer, and when He Hears all and Sees all, why do people think that He needs an intermediary? May Allah guide the misguided amongst us!

    When you read stories from the Quran and the Sunnah, you can see actual miracles! It always amazes me! Take this story, it’s very simple, but look at how their du’aa did something extraordinary!!

    Lol, I mean, we see these extraordinary magical things happening in movies and books, far removed from reality. (and I confess my imagination runs away with me and I fantasize about such things)

    But in truth, actual miracles are scattered all over the Quran and Sunnah and it fascinates me to know that these things actually happened!! I’m all O_o

    Ok, you can tell me I’m silly now! 😛 Lol, you will discover these weird things about me as we go along! 😛

    • Wa iyyaki sis 🙂 Me either but if you were to read tafseer Ibn Kathir, this hadith should be there 🙂 I think either Suraah Al-Baqarah or Suraah Ali-Imran 🙂

      That’s true sis.. to say that we need an intermediary to communicate with Allah would just imply that Allah is not All Knower or All Mighty! Nauzubillah!

      That’s true sis.. nowadays people would rather read fictional stories about magic (i.e. Harry Potter) but they don’t realize that in the Qur’an and Sunnah, such miracles have happened in the past. Well, I’m guilty of that hehe.. I was actually quite fascinated when I read the story about Ashabul Kahfi. Subhan Allah, amazing!

      Oh no way sis, you’re not being silly! 🙂 And definitely not weird.. It’s great that at least you’re amazed by Him rather than some silly fictional stories that have never and would never happen in this Dunya! 😀

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