Sunday lecture

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

Doesn't he look like a Kungfu master to you?

Al-hamdulillah! 🙂  Interesting lecture by Sh. Hussain Yee albeit a short one last Sunday. He spoke about ‘Atheism’ and his journey from Buddhism to Christianity and then Islam. Anyway, I think only the Asians understood his jokes because  he mentioned mostly about his struggles being a revert in Malaysia and the common confusion between his ethnicity as a Chinese and religion.

Check videos and lectures by Sh. Hussain Yee, he appears quite frequently on Peace TV and other channels alongside Dr Zakir Naik.  On the topic about ‘Atheism’ of which he spoke quite briefly about, he said that this term is being used only recently. If you were to do a bit of research, throughout history there is no such a thing as ‘Atheism’. People of the past at least believed in a Supreme Being even though their beliefs are not valid. They prayed to idols but even so, that was considered their deity. Not forgetting also that even Pharaoh believed in Allah but he was too arrogant to submit!

He also discussed about the confusion between culture and religion. People tend to attribute one’s race to religion so if you changed religion, it means that you changed your race too. Sh. Hussain said that when he became Muslim, his mother said that “she lost a Chinese son and became a Malay”.. teehee.. Some people in his community kept asking him ‘when did he become Malay’ just because he was dressed like the Muslims there.. But, how true is this in today’s society! Even the government uses this term ‘Malay/Muslim’ so often that inevitably, it creates a lot of confusion. So, I wonder what does it make me then having a mixed ethnicity of Malay, Indian and Chinese 😛

Anyway, I befriended a sister from the lecture! 🙂 We were at the musolla during a short break for Asr prayers, when I turned to the sister who prayed beside me and started talking to her. She turned out to be quite chatty herself so we clicked really fast. Subhan Allah, no wonder Allah enjoins congregation prayers so that we develop mutual love for one another when we stand shoulder-to-shoulder and feet-to-feet during prayers! Al-hamdulillah, I’ve made friends with sisters before simply through congregation prayers. You know the drill: Give your best smile and then introduce yourself. Won’t go wrong insha Allah 🙂

Can’t wait for Saturday 🙂


10 thoughts on “Sunday lecture

  1. yeah, i find the statement of Malay/Muslim is a bit funny when I think about those Muslims in the western country. Maybe it is just because mostly Malays are Muslim…

    May the friendships tied are for the sake of Allah, and may Allah reward us for bond fillah… 🙂

    • True sis, that’s the common misconception that just because you are a Malay, you must be a Muslim. Insha Allah, over time when more people of other races embrace Islam, this term will no longer be in use 🙂

      Aameen to your duas! 🙂

  2. Masha Allah sis!! Is this the first lecture? 🙂

    Yep, Atheism is a recent phenomenon whereby the people’s arrogance has reached it’s peak and they assume that humans are the Masters of the Universe and through science, we know all and are capable of all!! Lol, excuse the sarcasm! 😛

    Hehehe, I totally get the Malay/Muslim thing. It’s the same in Maldives. Everyone naturally assumes if you’re a Maldivian, you’re a Muslim! I guess it’s normal when a certain religion is associated with a certain culture and country, people assume that both are the one and the same. I was guilty of that too, and imagine my shock when I discovered there are non-Muslim Maldivians! 😛

    Awwww, it’s so sweet that you made a friend! That’s one of the best things I love about attending prayers and Islamic circles. You already have this great kinship and it takes only a smile and a few words to strike up a friendship! 🙂

    • Haha yea sis, first lecture.. the next one is tomorrow insha Allah! Tomorrow is more of a comedy show rather than a lecture.. wonder how it’ll turn out!

      That’s very true sis.. too arrogant to even believe! Come to think of it, these people are worser than Firaun! At least he believed in Allah! (Since you mentioned Science, I think the scientology beliefs is equally ridiculous!)

      Hehehe yea, Maldives is no longer 100% Muslim. But I heard the Man who candidly spoke about leaving Islam, actually embraced Islam again after they spoke to him yea? Unless you are referring to other Maldivians 🙂 The thing about confusing between race and religion is that people tend to then associate the cultural customs to be part of the religion. For example, in my race – during wedding ceremonies, there will be a flask with water filled in it and people use it to ‘bless’ the newlyweds. In fact, this practice dates back to the Hindus.. but unfortunately in my society, people still find it a necessity to have this practice in the ceremony or it wouldn’t be complete!

      This is one problem I find when people cannot differentiate between culture and religion. Of course, apart from the fact that you are ignoring Muslims of other races.

      Me too me toooo!! I love how we are encouraged to love each other for His sake! Not the intention for any worldly gains! ❤ And yes sis, most of the time when you give the 'salam' and a nice smile, that should do the trick yea? 😀

  3. OMG, the Sheikh hit right on what I was saying the other day. I work for a site called “Chat Islam Online” where we do ‘live chatting with non-Muslims” (I just do a one hour shift). Anyways, I was talking to a non-Muslim and he was saying how he thinks it makes more sense that ‘this asteroid created the whole universe’. And so what I was trying to say but didn’t fully explain to him is that he was taking the asteroid as God.

    I was trying to say that he was making this asteroid a deity, but I didn’t fully explain myself correctly.
    “People of the past at least believed in a Supreme Being even though their beliefs are not valid. They prayed to idols but even so, that was considered their deity.”

    inshaAllah, you’ll continue to have a good time 😀 It’s great that you made a friend!

    • That’s nice sis, do you still work there? Maybe we can chat there one day teehee (just kidding :))

      I wonder how does that make sense! Did you ask how did he come up with such a theory or rather why does he thinks this is way? (it sounded like he has been watching too much star wars!). Man, I would be interested to find out! I’ve heard arguments by atheists on why they lack the belief in a Supreme God, and truthfully, no matter how much ‘theology’ they try to inject into their argument, it will never make sense.

      Khayr insha Allah sis! 🙂 Al-hamdulillah yes.. really looking forward to the upcoming talks!

    • Sis, do you have paltalk? I used to be active in a ‘Misconceptions about Islam’ room but it’s closed now.. anyway, it’s a good place to give da’wah (after filtering out many rooms of course!). Thought I let you know heh 🙂

  4. Assalamualaikum Umm Khaleel,

    Its been a long time since I visited your blog. Too many blogs to visit and sooo many goood post to read, I wish I had done this looong time ago, I guess bringing up children is an energy and time consuming task.

    I know about Sheikh Yee, he used to appear on RTM long time ago. Wish I could attend this type of lecture, but my hubby prefer me to be at home, so blogging and other sources of knowledge is the only means…and socializing too.

    • Wa alaik salam wa Rahmatullaah Sis Salbiyyah!

      Subhan Allah, I’m guilty as charged :/ Haven’t been to your blog in ages as well.. You must be very busy with family sis masha Allah 🙂

      Yes, I think I’ve heard that he appears quiet often on tv since he is trying to raise funds for orphanage. It’s ok sis there are many good lectures on youtube too 🙂 You have the comforts of your home to enjoy these lectures al-hamdulillah!

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