Jumaah #14

Masha’Allah, Bro Boonaa is pretty awesome! Love this video especially.. Insha’Allah the MSA is planning to have him, Baba Ali and another Sheikh over here down under this coming July! They are having a ‘Strangers tour’ around Aus and NZ so we’re getting funds for their flights etc.

Did I mention that Bro Omar Regan’s comedy show is perhaps one of the best da’wah events I’ve attended? I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt! He also included reminders, ahadeeth and ayaah from Qur’an in his speech. Although it was slightly different from the usual lecture style, I think we did learn something after the show al-Hamdulillah.

I missed both Imaam Abu Hafsa Clare’s lectures and heard they were great. A sister who went asked him an intriguing question – Since he cannot see Allah’s creations, how does he have such a firm faith in Allah? He simply replied: Sister, breathe in, and breath out.. Isn’t that a miracle in itself? Subhan’Allah!


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