Bridge over Wadi

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

If you enjoy watching documentaries about the social and political situation in Palestine, this video might be of interest to you. I came across this documentary about Arab and Jewish children attending a bilingual school together somewhere in Palestine. Despite their intentions to integrate both Arabs and Jews, they  are faced with obstacles in trying to establish the schools itself. Teachers find themselves trying to impose their values and beliefs upon the children and this in turn has caused an uproar amongst parents themselves.

Personally, I find the initiative to set up such a school is a platform to understanding one another better; A small step towards social cohesion between Arabs and Jews. But I don’t necessarily agree that they should celebrate each other religious festivities just to promote a mutual understanding between one another. Social cohesion is through accepting each other’s differences, not necessarily a need to participate in the festivities.

Think about this: How do you reconcile two different races that have histories stained with each other’s blood in a single environment? Do you reckon this will work?

Haha, I hope I’m not boring anyone.. If you enjoy watching documentaries like I do, check this youtube page out: Journeyman Pictures


2 thoughts on “Bridge over Wadi

  1. OMG!!! You’ve had a makeover! Again! Is it a black and white phase?? :O

    I’m so sorry I haven’t come over and babbled in so long! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I haven’t had much time for facebook or blogsploring (is that even a word? blog+explore?)

    How have you been? What have you been up to? It’s your finals right? How’s it going? Have the nerves set in and progressed to zombie stage? (I always survive exams in the zombie stage…… all the last minute cramming numbs my brain!) 😛

    Lol, okies I gotta go now. I’m trying to leave for Maldives in a few days so things are a bit rushed. Missed you, so thought I’d come and drop a line here. But I’ll be back to read your posts and get myself updated real soon k?


    • Haha sisss! 🙂 Yeap but I think I want to change the layout again :))

      It’s ok sis dear.. I haven’t been here much as well! You had exams sis? How are youuuuuu?? ❤ Everything alright there sis? 🙂 I'm well here al-Hamdulillah.. Just hate waiting for results part now :/

      Miss you too sis! I hope you are all packed and ready to fly back to Maldives! Are you excited?:)) Fly back safely ok! 🙂 Will be waiting for your updates soon too insha'Allah :)) <3<3<3 May you be in His care always sis!! ❤

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