Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

I haven’t been active online lately but khayr insha’Allah trying my best not to be a bummer :/

This video really touched me subhanAllah.. It started of with Bro Yusuf Estes explaining to the Christian brother about Islam which he eventually embraced and later a few sisters started to follow suit and said their shahadah too. Takbeer!!! Allahu Akbar! This video is worth every bit of your time insha’Allah!

Lately, sisters have been bringing non-Muslim ladies to Jumaah prayers as a way to gain some knowledge about Islam. Masha’Allah, one sister have even started learning how to pray even before she took the shahadah. The others asked many questions and wanted to learn more so another sister has taken some time to teach them about Islam. What I’m most surprised to learn is that these are all Phd students. One of the most common misconception is that women who embrace Islam are those who have little or no education. But subhan’Allah, what do these Islamophobes have to say about this! In fact, I personally know two revert sisters; one being a lawyer and the other is a doctor but, I’m sure there are many more revert sisters out there who are highly educated! Allahu Akbar! May Allah guide them to the Haqq!

Masha’Allah these sisters who have been giving da’wah to them are doing such a fantastic job! Every week I see new faces at Jumaah prayers. I feel embarrassed that I can’t even bring myself to discuss Islam with my non-Muslim friends whom I’m close to.  I was the da’wah officer but how much were my efforts to invite or at least teach others about Islam? There was one Christian friend who was obviously confused about Christianity, and at one point of time she kept questioning me about Islam because she was very drawn to the religion. She told me that she believed this is the truth but needed that ‘push’ to take that next step. I’ve always believed in being ‘soft’  when giving da’wah to people so I never pushed her further to question her beliefs because I was afraid it would push her away from Islam.. Now that she is back with our Christian friends, it’s going to be tough trying to engage her in such discussions because these bible-loving friends would have a stronger influence on her than I would.

Insha’Allah I would like to remind myself and all of you that our job as Muslims is simply to teach others about the Haqq but guidance is only in His hands. We can’t force a person to accept Islam if his heart is void of the truth.

“Whether We show you (O Muhammad SAW) part of what We have promised them or cause you to die, your duty is only to convey (the Message) and on Us is the reckoning.” [13:40]

2 thoughts on “Da’wah

  1. I couldn’t watch the video coz YouTube said it wasn’t available anymore 😦

    I like this post. Da’wah is something I often wonder about. Especially with non-Muslims. Before coming here, non-Muslims were of course non-existent in my sphere and any religious talks would revolve around “extremism”! Lol!

    But since living here, I’m embarrassed to say too that the thought never even occurred to me to bring up Islam with my non-Muslim friends. I would sometimes get questions about hijab, but more or less, I’d mumble something about wanting to wear it, and never really took the time to explain to them the why of it. I don’t think I handled it very well. From where I come from, everyone knew Islam and it was like suddenly seeing a blue cockroach when all my life, I’ve seen red cockroaches! Lol!

    I met a niqabi sister from one of my classes and I was surprised when I learned she was a former Buddhist. I’ve never known a revert before, and stupidly, I assumed that all the Muslims here were like me, generational Muslims. Clearly I need to broaden my horizons when it comes to these things 🙂

    But a few weeks back, I actually did have a pretty interesting conversation with two non-Muslims. It was my very first lengthy discussion about Islam and I genuinely enjoyed answering their curiosity, though I found some of their questions a bit weird 😛 One of them told me he thought the tradition of niqab was because our Prophet (sallalaahu alayhi wasallam) didn’t want his wives to get dust and sand in their faces while walking the desert 😛

    It was very new to me, talking to someone who had absolutely no clue about Islam, and I think part of the reason I liked it was coz there was no mockery in their questions. Lol, sometimes I can’t say the same for my fellow Muslims and my temper has a nasty habit of igniting itself during such situations 😛

    • Oh sis how come you can’t watch it..? Try loading it on the blog page itself because I just did and it worked! 🙂

      It’s ok sis, there’s still time so you can start doing da’wah 😉 I’m not exactly very active in giving da’wah myself but would love to be given that opportunity someday. At least you ‘mumbled something’.. you know what I said to this guy who asked me about Islam (can’t remember exactly what he asked)? I said, “GO AND DIE!” LOL.. At the VERY LEAST, you were not rude lol. Sometimes I pretend to not be overexcited when someone asks me about Islam just in case they get turned off by me lol. Were you worried that if you explain to your friends in detail about hijaab, they might be turned off by the volume of info and stay away from you..? I feel that way a lot of times actually..

      Woow so cool! Is the niqaabi sis, chinese..? Or Indian? I would assume the latter since you’re in Sri Lanka. But nonetheless, masha’Allah 🙂

      Anyway, those questions are not weird because I know of Muslims who believe the same thing about niqaab! I was like, are you kidding.. have you actually read the ahadeeth that Prophet’s wives and companions wore out of modesty. I feel like as though this is what anti-niqaabi would like us to believe that. But it’s perfectly understandable for non-Muslims I guess.. and for Muslims, the least they could do is try investigating first before commenting!

      Well sis, you got a taste of what da’wah is like so I’m sure you’ll do much better in the future! 🙂

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