Advice from Shaykh Rabee

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

Masha’Allah.. advice from Shaykh Rabee’ about softness and speaking with hikmah when giving da’wah 🙂 It never fail to amaze me that the youth of our time (including myself) behave the exact opposite to the advice given by Salafi scholars especially when it comes to the manner we convey haqq to others. And what confuses me the most is that we say we try to mirror the life of Prophet Sallallahu alayhi salam – his actions and worship as close as possible – but what happened to emulating his akhlaq and the way he treated and interacted with others? Why is our focus ONLY on the fiqh aspect of the Deen but then entirely ignore the spirit of Islam? Have we forgotten that Prophet of Allah has said that ‘the best of you is one who has the best in character’ ? If only everyone were to reflect on this.. Allahu Mustaan.


2 thoughts on “Advice from Shaykh Rabee

  1. Oh I cant agree with u more on this front…manners are missing.. which is y in some cases, instead of getting people to learn about the deen, we end up shooing them away! may Allah swt guide us all!

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