Notes from Productive Muslim Seminar #3 LAST!

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

[Continuation from #1 & #2]

7 Practical tips to beat procrastination:

  • Find out why?
  • **[Do you find the particular task difficult thus you are avoiding from doing it?]
  • Become a pro
  • **[Get the tasks done regardless of the mood you are in]
  • Pomodoro Technique 
  • **[Setting aside 25 mins to fully concentrate and complete that difficult task]
  • Remove distractions 
  • [Get rid of anything on table that will distract you – yes, facebook is a distraction!]
  • Public Pledge
  • ** [Telling others you will do this task. By doing so, you will feel more encouraged to complete especially when you have friends who will remind you about it]
  • Make wudu’ and pray 2 rakaat
  • Seek refuge in Allah and remembrance of Allah
Also, we were given the Taskinator Sheet which is used to organize your time must better each day. But, the only difference is that – rather than only pursuing the Dunya, the sheet also includes ‘Islam’, ‘Family’ and ‘Personal Development’ thus making you an all-rounded Muslim/Muslimah! [Please click on the link for the Taskinator Sheet!]
Lastly, a sister gave me that Productive Muslims Lifebook recently and I was just so ecstatic! Masha’Allah, it is easily one of the best gifts I’ve had and if you can get hold of it, don’t miss out on that chance!
*Sorry for the poor quality pictures. The lighting wasn’t that great when I took them 😦

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