A Strange Analogy!!

Different Strokes..My musings!!

My heart beats vehemently against my chest, almost ripping my ribs apart..

Breathing gets heavier and I look around to see everything happening in a jiffy..

So many people all at once, hustling and bustling as I look forward to spot my train which is yet to come amidst the confusion, noise and drama

Whilst I’m waiting for the train to arrive and given my very rare train travelling experiences, I keep looking on at others around me, trying to figure out how they don’t get bored or irritated with the noises and buzzes around them…

I don’t know what my heart was beating so fervently for..there was no rush, no hurry, no nothing..everything and everyone around me were calm except my heart..my mind was as usual ignorant and trying to make my inner self feel stupid…there are times when I wish my mind would just shut up and allow…

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