At the top of my head..

Assalamualaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

*just a short rant..

“La Tahzan, Innallah Ma Ana..” (9:40)

If there’s one thing I learn from staying abroad without having my family with me (or in my case, I don’t see my brother/relatives often) is that you can never rely on people. This is not to say that we entirely reject/seek help from others, but we should realize that placing full dependence on people will only result in disappointment. Either people turn you away when you need it desperately or they are half-hearted in helping you. We forget that when we need any assistance, we should be asking Allah SWT for help first before asking others. Why do we turn to everyone else THEN we ask Allah SWT as a last resort? Only Allah SWT is able to change our situations and humans are only there as means to help you but the results lie solely in His hands.

I also use this reminder to console myself each time I feel down. Don’t be sad! I admit that when I’m miserable, I hope for someone to cheer me up. Maybe pull me up again, brush the dirt off my clothes and tears from my eyes and say everything is alright. But what I don’t realize is that you don’t exactly need people to always make you happy. Only YOU can make yourself happy. How? Allah SWT has given you His book to read in any situation you are in – “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find ease” (13:28). If we truly believe this, then pick up the Qur’an each time you are feeling low. Don’t wait and depend on others to put that smile back on your face because not everyone will be there for you.

6 thoughts on “At the top of my head..

  1. Assalamualalaikum,

    just a few word,

    Being away from relative and most of all from parents, we’re not just learn to be independent but also we were able to get to know about ourself more. I guess this is what I learn from this experience. we might be able to know about ourself if we stay with our parents during the university life aren’t we? =)

    • Wa alaik salam wa Rahmatullaah Sis 🙂

      You are definitely right.. I did learn alot about myself and still learning being away from family. I think it’s the independence of living on own that gives us the space and time to discover ourselves further. Jazakillah khayr for sharing sis! 😀

      p/s/ I heard Sis Sireen was in town! Is that true? I miss her 😦

  2. SubhanAllah. thanks for posting this entry. I think we have the similarity for being far away from our family and home. It’s like you’re going to face the life on your own, as to seek help from your mom and dad seems impossible. They’re miles away!
    thanks a lot. Being here, I learnt more about people. Most of the time, I got stressed because of people,like housemates, friends & ppl around me. It sounds funny when I think back, like, ‘why should it be that way? why do I always think of people around me? where’s Allah in my heart?’ i conclude that for all this while (even now) I always look for people’s appreciation rather than Allah’s pleasure by which at the end of the day, I got upset, blaming myself, blaming others. yet, i’m trying to be better. may Allah ease.
    thanks again sis. ^^

    • Sorry for the late reply sis 😦 Just logged in recently.. May Allah make it easy for you! I’m sure it’s not easy living with some people especially when they can be quite difficult. One thing I’ve learnt from living with others is that Allah put you in situations for reasons we do not know of (just like in any situations). So take it positively! If you find something is affecting you, try to see it as – perhaps, Allah is testing my patience etc or that perhaps Allah is teaching me something through this.

      Whatever it may be, May you find the courage to remain calm and patient! Always remember that you are pleasing the One who will be pleased with you when you are patient insha’Allah! *hugs*

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