Niqaab rant (whatever you want to call it)

Assalamualaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

My friend asked me this question yesterday which goes along this line – “How are you going to find a job with you wearing niqaab?”. Her question was actually less direct but that’s basically what she wanted to ask. I think this question is perhaps nothing new for niqaabi sisters eh?

Before making my decision to wear niqaab, I’ve thought a lot about this. Trying to find work in the future is inevitably going to be a challenge for me – no doubt – but the nagging question which remains is that, “Who is the one who actually provides for you and gives you sustenance? Isn’t Allah the one who gives you rizq?” So really, why do we worry so much about the future then and why do we treat it like as though we determine our own fate? I do not know what my future hold for me – heck, I don’t even know what will happen to me in the next 10 mins – but I put my trust in Him when I made this decision that Allah knows what’s best for me and He will guide me through it.

And then she gave a few scenarios on “what if you have to remove niqaab?”. The thing I don’t understand is that, why do people make a big fuss when a sister decides to remove niqaab like as though she is committing a huge sin? If she traded niqaab for tank tops and skinny jeans, then that’s something questionable but I think so as long as she remains properly covered then really, there is no issue. I told her that if I have to remove niqaab, then I’ll consider my circumstances. For example, if I desperately need to find a job to support my family then that’s darurat. Or even if my current university decides to have a new rule that niqaab is not allowed (actually, niqaab isn’t allowed but there are many niqaabis here so I reckon it’ll be a big issue if they try to implement such a ruling), I’ll try to find ways around it and if I can’t, I would probably comply to it. Niqaab is a sunnah to me and if circumstances do not allow, then I’ll weigh my options first and remove it if I have to . For example, Niqaab vs Education – Seeking ilm is wajib so in circumstances like this, I’ll probably not keep my niqaab..but allahu alam.

There are three things which I want to point out from the above rant:

1) When you want to make a decision (i.e wear hijaab, have a beard etc) to do a Sunnah for example, don’t let your “what ifs” keep you from doing them. Put your trust in Him fully, and that whatever happens in the future, Allah will guide you to what is best.

2) We plan for the future but we should live like we will not see tomorrow. Again, when we think about the future, we wonder if this good deed that we are planning to do, will be an obstacle for us to find a job etc. Well, who guarantees you the future? And who can guarantee that you will see the end of today? If you have the means to do this good deed now, then rush towards it because you might not have the chance to do it tomorrow.

3) Our lives should not revolve around worldly matters only but we should far-sighted in making decisions. I saw this term “Be jannah-focused” and I think that basically encapsulates my third point. Like for example, a few people asked me how I was going to eat with niqaab on. I mean like, why are we so concerned about food etc when those are just minor things in life. The question should be – how does wearing niqaab gets you to Jannah? So let’s be more focused on that goal and not let the smaller things in life obstruct it.

There. Finally I let it out of my chest!

12 thoughts on “Niqaab rant (whatever you want to call it)

  1. You’ve raised some excellent points sis, I think its sooo much more important for us to get our priorities right..instead, we just get so worked up about some issues when it hardly deserves the amount of time and exaggeration that it ends up receiving!

  2. Assalamaualaikum Warhmatullahi,

    How are you? I completely agree with you. Allah is the only ONE that provides. Wish I could put on niqab too, used to do that in Saudi Arabia.

    • Wa alaikum salam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh Sis 🙂

      al-Hamdulillah here! Sorry for the late reply! I just logged on wordpress after so long 😦 How are you sis? Hope all is well with you insha’Allah.. it’s ok about niqaab, I always think that if you have the intention to wear it but circumstances do not allow, then insha’Allah you’ll be rewarded for 1) intention and 2) being patient 🙂

  3. As a brother who wears a beard I find the same struggles but to my favor probably not the same level as my sisters in Niqab. Nonetheless, Jazakallah Khairan for the reminder. One that is much needed for anyone striving to follow the Sunnah of our Nabi ﷺ.

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