The only Muslim fasting in Greenland

Assalamualaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

Amazing subhan’Allah! Imagine fasting, praying teraweeh and qiyaam all alone – and soon, Eid prayers by himself! Not sure if I’m able to stay motivated throughout Ramadhan if that was me.



A personal take on the recent events..

Assalamualaikom wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

Most of us would have read in the news that the derogatory movie about our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam which led to many protests and also unfortunate deaths. If there’s one lesson we never fully learn throughout history is that how we react to such insults never result in a positive outcome. Why? I don’t remember a time where we actually responded in any way other than through protests and carrying equally insulting slogans during demonstrations. The result? Casualties, lives were lost and yet the issue is not still resolved.

Riots and violent protests are contrary to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam. We want others to hear our voices but how can anyone use fire against fire? I received an email about how the protests that took place in Sydney would further cause more disruption and chaos instead of educating the public about the true teachings of Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam. The protests were supposed to be a peaceful one but with inflammatory slogans such ‘behead those who insults Prophet’ do not exactly spell out ‘peace’. The sister said that when survey was done amongst the youth, majority of them have not even seen the movie and yet their response was emotional rather than a rational one. And this made me think about how we are quick to react to insults by non-Muslims but when we see another Muslim doing haraam, skipping their obligations, we close an eye to it. We choose to ignore when it is a greater insult to Islam that we are not performing our duties as Muslims rather than insults by ignorants who lack knowledge of Islam. It’s not that Muslims should be accepting of derogatory comments made against our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam but we should know where our priorities lie. An article which I came across recently mentioned that it is usually those who rarely support da’wah work, or being involved in Masjid/community events are the first to spring to action when there is an insult against Islam.

What exactly are our priorities? Is it important that we retaliate violently when someone mocks our Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam as compared to speaking up on the current issues that our Ummah is facing? Refer to Suraah Anbiya’: Allah SWT speaks about Prophets being mocked for generations – this was not something recent but in fact has occurred centuries ago. Yet, this remains true even in our times. Yes, we stand up to defend him but we must not forget that no matter how these haters try to defame his name, they will not succeed. Like the 9/11 incident, it compelled others to study about Islam and eventually becoming Muslims when the irony is that, the perpetrators are supposed to be Muslims. The same could happen if we remain patient in times like  this and respond to it tastefully. There are other issues that our Ummah need to address and can be rectified but yet we choose to remain silent – domestic abuse, issues faced by teenagers, the practise of cultural traditions that contradict religious customs, oppression faced by our brothers and sisters around the world and the list is endless.

The killing of US official and casualties caused only taint the image of Islam and reinforces the perceptions of non-Muslims that violence is part of our beautiful Deen. I remind myself and all of you that Allah SWT has commanded us in the Qur’an to ‘invite others with beautiful preaching’ and that ‘if you find those insulting your religion to leave them immediately’ or say ‘salaam’ (peace) and walk away. Ask yourself if how you are responding is in accordance to the teachings of Islam.

In response to the movie, a sister I know created an event to raise awareness and shared about Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam. They gave out flowers to the audience during the event as well. I can’t say how impressed I was to see such a beautiful initiative being carried out. We need more creative ways like this to give da’wah (also like how iera did theirs during the Olympics) and channel our energy towards something which can benefit others. In the end, when we handle such insults in a rational manner, the tables are turned against these haters themselves.

Freedom to Syria!

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

This is such an impressive form of activism taken in Australia! There are many ways to spread awareness about the situation in Syria and this is one creative way of doing so.

I haven’t been following with the updates on Syria because most often than not, there are gruesome pictures of people being brutally murdered in the news and I cannot bear to see them. Ya Rabb, I feel so helpless that I can’t do much for them except dua. Can you imagine being trapped in a place where you have nowhere to run and hide and yet there are tyrants hunting you? I don’t think anyone is able to truly fathom what it feels like to be in their position.

Latest news is that the mujahideen are in Syria to help and insha’Allah victory. May Allah reward them for their sacrifice! Next place they should head is Myanmar to help the Rohingya Muslims. Subhan’Allah, so many of our Muslim brothers and sisters are being ruthlessly killed =,(

There’s a story which was narrated by Sh Navaid Aziz in the video (I’ve posted this before but reposting below) about the Sahabah, Abu Dhar (May Allah be pleased with him). When Abu Dhar was asked what made him decide to be the guarantor for the boy, his reply was “I saw a Muslim in need and I did not want anyone to say that a Muslim was in need and no one was there to help him”. I cried watching the video when it reminded me of Muslims around the world being oppressed and slaughtered and yet we are helpless. The Ummah is so weak that we are not even able to defend ourselves.. ya Rabb =,(


Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh! 🙂

How’s everyone in the blogging world doing insha’Allah? Good I hope 🙂

Subhan’Allah I just realised that I have not updated this blog for many weeks! There had been so many things to do lately ya Allah but I had some time to breathe recently lol. So some updates from my side….

1) Abstract for a paper due tomorrow and I have not done much research! 😦 My partner went MIA so I decided to do it alone .. but procrastination got the better of me. If the abstract is accepted (which at this point in time, I can only *dream* of it being accepted), I may have a chance of presenting the paper in Jordan. And all expenses paid for 😉 But it’s 2am and nothing is done!

2) When my parents picked me up last weekend, I decided to keep my niqaab on. They know I’ve been wearing behind their backs (well at least I wasn’t doing anything haraam!), but to see me in niqaab and out with them is something neither of them expected. My dad, masha’Allah, he didn’t say anything but he was smiling when he saw me. My mom, on the other hand, wanted me to remove niqaab but for the two days they were there, she let me keep it on. Once we reached home however, she told me to remove it and I can only wear it abroad. Well to tell you the truth, as much as I was disappointed to hear that from my mom, I’m glad that we are making progress al-Hamdulillah! 🙂 I’m not sure if I had written about this but 5 years ago, to wear proper hijaab (i.e. loose clothing and bigger hijaab) was disapproved by them so much so that it would be a big issue each time we went out.. so to allow me to wear it abroad, we are a step closer to actually keeping niqaab 🙂 May Allah make it easy for them to accept niqaab and keep me firm in wearing it!

3) I wrote some time in January this year that I terribly miss my sisters in Australia.. Part of me felt like, who could possibly replace them because they are such a wonderful bunch of sisters! Allah is Great because I keep meeting sisters who are like seriously firm on the Deen (May He keep them firm!) and very knowledgeable too. One of them is a hafidhaah and she studied tafseer from Al-Azhar University before. Now, masha’Allah she is pursuing her Masters in tafseer too. When she speaks, she quotes from the Qur’an in Arabic and then translates for me. Best of all, I’m amazed by her akhlak and despite her knowledge, she’s very humble. Believe me or not but I met her only once before and after staying at my room over night, I developed this love for the sister like I’ve known her for years. O Allah, you have blessed me with such wonderful sisters in my life who always remind me of You al-Hamdulillah!

4) Honestly, I have so many things I would love to share on this blog but time is really not on my side at the moment. Insha’Allah, I’ll write when I’m free 🙂

5) Ok here’s the best news of all: I’m heading to Medina-Makkah this Sunday! It was really an unexpected decision to do umrah this year. I was actually planning to head back to Australia for a sister’s wedding and hang out with them but my parents decided that ‘hey, let’s do umrah instead!’ so it was a really random decision. I’d rather do Umrah anytime then Aussie lol. To be His guest is not always easy so I would not give up this opportunity to visit His house again. Insha’Allah I’ll be away for 12 days.. Please keep me in your duas that everything goes smoothly! JazakAllah Khayr!

6) Ramadhan is coming prettyyyyy sooon! In a few weeks! 🙂 Everyone prepared/preparing for Ramadhan yet? This year is slightly different for me because I’ll be celebrating Ramadhan back home.  The last time when I fasted Ramadhan in my country, I wasn’t exactly practising so I didn’t appreciate this month much. Al-Hamdulillah I’ve been told that there are frequent qiyaams for sisters by sisters at masjids nowadays. Sisters who have memorized the Qur’an will usually lead the Qiyaam and masha’Allah they have such a lovely recitation! Really looking forward to the eemaan rush! Do any of you have such activities in your masjid?

I got to start cracking my brain on the abstract soon! So what did I miss whilst I was gone.. any updates from you guy? 🙂

Jumaah #16

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaah wa Barakaatuh,

10- year-old girl saves herself from rapist by reciting Al-Qur’an

JEDDAH: The latest victim of a serial rapist said reciting the Qur’an stopped her attacker from sexually assaulting her, Al-Madinah newspaper reported Monday.

The 10-year-old told the newspaper that she was able to protect herself against his evil deeds by reciting five chapters of the holy book that she had learned by heart.

“Every time he came closer to me, I started reciting Qur’an and he would withdraw,” she said.

The girl, identified by her initials M.M.S., said the rapist would ask her to stop reciting the Qur’an but when she refused to listen to him, he hit her hard on the face. “Because of my recitations, he was reluctant to touch me,” she said.

The girl was abducted from a wedding hall in the city. “The man knocked on the door of the wedding hall. As the doorwoman went inside to help serve dinner, I opened the door for him, believing that he was one of the guests.”

She said he asked her to go with him because he wanted to give a gift for the bride. She believed him when she saw a bag in his hand.

“When I came out, he came closer to me and took me by the hand. He told me that the remaining gifts were in the car. He asked me to go with him to his car near the entrance of the hall,” she said.

“I protested but he forced me to follow him and told me not to make any noise. I thought the drama would end then and there but he forced me into the back seat of the car and asked to lie down and hide my face.”

She said he warned her not to make any noise as he drove through roads unfamiliar to her.

“However, I was able to see some landmarks such as a billiard hall and another wedding hall. When we reached his home, he asked me to go up with him because he was keeping the gifts in his apartment,” she said.

“He told me that we would take the gifts and go back to the wedding hall. The moment I entered the apartment, he pushed me inside and locked the door. Until then, I had no idea what he was going to do to me.”

She said he started preparing his shisha and said he knew her father very well, adding that he would call him and tell him not to worry. He said he would take her back once the wedding was over.

“He made a call on his mobile and told me that he was talking to my father. I asked him to let me talk to him but he switched off the phone and hit me on my face, telling me to keep quiet,” she said. “He then tried to attack me but I started reciting the Qur’an. He then retreated. This continued until sunrise.”

She said after sunrise the man started to watch television until about 8 a.m. He then told her that he would take her to a house where she would find her relatives.

“I got into his car. He asked me to keep my head low but I was able to see some buildings including Al-Sudais and Rap pharmacies that were close to his house. We did not go far,” she said.

“He dropped me near Al-Nahda clinic in Al-Muntazahat district and asked me to go inside a building where I would find my relatives. I went inside the building but I did not find anyone. I came back but he was gone.”

The girl said she saw a man carrying some bags home. She stopped him and asked him to help her. He did not have a mobile phone with him but he stopped a taxi and used the driver’s mobile to contact the girl’s father.

“He told my father that I was with him and they agreed to meet at a certain place. He took me to meet my father, who started to cry when he saw me.”

A schoolteacher has been arrested in connection with the series of rapes which took place over a three-year period since 2008.

Source: Arab News

Videos on the niqaab ban.

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

The first two videos are interviews of two sisters on the niqaab issue in France by different television channels – BBC and Ten (an Australian channel). I presume that most of us would have seen the debate between Srs. Hebah Ahmed and Mona Elthaway on CNN. For some annoying reason, Facebook deleted the video from my wall and I couldn’t find it on another sister’s wall too. [on a sidenote, please be more aware of what you write/share on Facebook. It is starting to creep me out after a recent incident]

Please watch the last video especially [there’s music]…Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it.

I know this is a satire to ‘ridicule the hatred of some and gain some inspiration of it’ as stated by them but do you think it can possibly be misconstrued as making a mockery out of the niqaab? What are your thoughts on this? Please share because I’m very curious 🙂

My thoughts on niqaab ban

Assalam alaikoum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

As most of you already know, the niqaab/burqa ban took effect last Monday. I’ve been reading posts by sisters and brothers alike who expressed their outrage over such ban so basically, there isn’t much to add. Sister Fatimah who spoke in the video encapsulates important points of what this ban signifies.

What disgusts me the most would probably be feminist groups who are supposedly ’emancipating’ Muslim women from being ‘forced’ into wearing niqaab/burqa but unfortunately, they choose to close an eye when it comes to subjugation of women in many aspects of our society. They are fighting for a lost cause as Muslim women were given their rights more than 1,400 ago Allahu Akbar!

And since more niqaabi sisters are speaking out on niqaab being their personal choice , feminist groups are now changing their tactics and are instead fighting for the health of niqaabislack of Vitamin D as a result of little exposure to the sun! Subhan Allah! Let’s see what other excuses they can come up with under the guise to ‘free Muslim women’..

However, as much as we criticize those who oppose our Islamic beliefs and values, should we not reflect on the state of our Ummah and how it has played a role in the downfall of Islam? A lecture I watched recently mentioned that how can Allah give us Izzah or Honour when we have not completed part of our contract ? We want Allah to grant us victory and yet as Muslims, we forsake our obligations and instead transgress His laws. We call ourselves Muslims but our actions very much reflect those from Jahiliyyah.

As an Ummah, we are weak in face of oppression against these tyrants. We pride ourselves for being the fastest growing religion, however what percentage is actually out there fighting for the rights of Muslims? But worse, how many of those who claim to be Muslims but are in fighting against the rights of Muslims? This niqaab ban would have probably not been plausible if our own Muslims had not been supporting it in the first place! In an article which I came across by an Imaam from a leading University, he explicitly derided the niqaab as being a ‘cultural monstrosity’ and ‘the product of male chauvinism’. Surely, someone of his calibre would at least have some knowledge of Islam to understand that niqaab was worn by the Best of Women! And in fact there are more of such Muslims who are vehemently fighting for the niqaab ban.

In the Qur’an, Allah swt says:

“Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls)” (13: 11)

How can the Ummah be victorious if we are still very divided, or that those living amongst us have a disease in their hearts? Our Ummah will constantly be humiliated by these tyrants unless change begins within ourselves before He can grant us success in this Dunya. The kufaars will constantly force their way of life and beliefs upon us unless each and every one of us embrace this Deen fully. No matter how we much we compromise our Islam to please them, they will never be pleased until we leave the religion.

p/s/ I wrote this after my Mid sems so if some points don’t connect, you know why 🙂